Baby Brown’s Name Reveal!!!

Gannon and I have some exciting news and we want to share it with you all!! We picked out the names for our precious little miracle boys!! We wanted something a little hipster/unique but that was basically the only “theme” we really could come up with! It’s funny my sister has an “italian theme” and I’m like we need one, but we couldn’t pick any! I guess technically it could be transportation, but we aren’t going to tell the boys that!! And I don’t want them to be associated that way either! Even though Gannon thinks their wardrobe needs to be ships and planes!! Good thing I’m going to dress them!!! 🙂

So we would like to introduce you to Kruz Laiken Brown and Jett Rowan Brown!!

Kruz is Baby A or Twin 2 and Jett is Baby B or Twin 1! It makes me all teary eyed typing out their names because it makes it all even more real than it ever was before. For years, Gannon and I have brainstormed names for our future children and today they officially have names and we feel so incredibly blessed to be on the other side of infertility!

What a relief to be able to refer to them as their names now!! I don’t know how people wait until birth to announce names but those of you who do, you are rockstars!

Today at our MFM appointment, the babies both measured exactly the same which is amazing! They both weighed 1.4 pounds and were measuring 5 days ahead of schedule, which makes this momma very happy! So that makes them in the 80% percentile for their growth and weight right now! Grow precious boys, grow!!

Little Jett is face down and is on my right side. 3 weeks ago he was face up so he has been on the move!! His little face is right by my cervix, which explains the random pains I feel down there. Since he is so far down it’s hard to get clear pictures, especially because Jett is always on the move! He’s definitely the more active twin right now! Jett’s placenta was covering my cervix in the last ultrasound, but it moved which is a good thing. Both of the boys placentas are anterior so they are basically on the outside of my tummy, which makes it a little harder for people to be able to feel the babies kick. Which probably explains why Gannon feels most of the kicks farther down.

Here are some pictures of Jett from today! Look at that precious little nose!!

My heart seriously might explode looking at this picture! I’ve never seen such a perfect little face before. I can’t wait to kiss that precious little button nose and cheeks!!

Just confirming one more time they are definitely boys!!

Kruz is on my left side and has also been on the move lately! He moved up near my ribs, which explains why I can’t breath very well! But both boys have their little heads next to each other so I guess they decided they didn’t want their booties in each others faces anymore! They are so squished up next to each other when we try to get a picture of one the other one is bouncing and pushing off the other trying to steal the show! Little Kruz is basically folded in half right now! His little feet are up by his face! It was so cute to see how tucked he is in there!

Here are a few pictures of Kruz today! You can see how his little neck is tucked in this picture because he’s folded in half!

Definitely another boy 🙂

THIS FACE!!!! I can’t even!! I love these boys so much I can’t even handle it! But look at those cheeks, nose and lips!! Absolute perfection!!

My cervix measured a 4.1 which is still great! She said anything over a 3.5 is awesome so we just need to pray that it stays nice and long. I have such a fear that it’s going to open up for some reason! Satan is just trying to steal my joy and he won’t get any part of it!

Friends, we just want to take a minute to say thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement during our wait. It’s so surreal to see how faithful God is and how he truly hears and answered our prayers. My heart could explode seeing these pictures of our precious boys and being able to share their names with you all. Who knew after all these years we would finally be able to put a name and a face with the babies we prayed so hard for! God truly is SO amazing and we feel so incredibly blessed we get to experience this type of joy that we know only comes from him.

We ask you all to continue to pray for the safety of Kruz and Jett. Pray that they would continue to be healthy and grow on track, that there wouldn’t be any complications, and that they would stay inside my tummy as long as possible! Pray that these next 2 weeks would fly by so we can make it to “viability,” which is 24 weeks. And pray that I would stay as healthy as possible!

Wednesday we have an ultrasound at Anticipation just for fun so hopefully we will have some more pictures so share with you all! And then our next appointment with Dr B is next Thursday! I can’t believe how quickly this time is flying by!!

We love you all dearly!


Gannon, Momma Brown, KRUZ & JETT!!! 🙂

(I love typing their names out!!)

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