Gender Reveal Ultrasound :)

I have prayed and hoped for the day we would get to go in for an ultrasound to find out the genders of our babies and now it’s finally here! I can’t believe it!! What a huge blessing to get to celebrate this milestone! Thank you, Jesus for these babies and for this day!

We decided to go to Miracle in the Womb to find out and it was fun to be able to take my mom and sister to an appointment with us! Especially since only 1 other person is aloud in our MFM appointments. It’s crazy to see how much they are bouncing around and you truly can’t grasp it until you see it on the screen.

As soon as she found the babies she had us look away because we were in-between one of the legs! The babies were ready to show off their goods! I just couldn’t believe how big and squished they already seemed! They have my whole uterus to stretch out in and they are both snuggled up next to each other in the left side of my uterus. You can tell they already have such a special bond and that makes this momma so happy!

I’ve always dreamed of getting to do a big gender reveal. So we have decided to be patient and wait until Friday to find out the news! But now I’m wondering why I though it was a good idea to wait 5 days to find out?! Good thing we have a crazy week to keep us busy!

Here’s a picture with us HOLDING THE RESULTS!!! Good thing I’m meeting my friend to give her the results tonight! Because I need this thing out of my reach!!

We got a DVD of the ultrasound but we can’t watch it until after the reveal since it shows the genders on it. But the ultrasound tech seemed to be able find both genders really easily, which is SO exciting! I just can’t believe after all these months we will know what these babies are!!! We’ve watched them develop from a tiny embryo into these precious little thumb sucking, hiccuping BABIES! Truly, what an incredible miracle!

Speaking of thumb sucking and hiccuping! We got to see Baby B do both of those today! Baby B was camera ready today and was stealing the show! Poor Baby A was positioned under Baby B so it looks like he/she is sitting on top of him! Here’s a picture, it’s actually pretty funny!!

Poor Baby A is like get that booty off my face!! But look at Baby B’s long legs!! Already taking after their daddy!

Look at this squishy little face!!! I’m so in love already! Right before this picture was taken Baby B was sucking (its) thumb! Seriously the sweetest thing ever!! Baby B also always has his/her little hands by it’s face! I can’t wait to smooch these squishy little cheeks!!

This was after he/she realized we were trying to take pictures and they decided to act cool by throwing the peace sign!! Haha, 🙂

We got to see them spread their hands out several times and could count 5 little fingers and we got to see both feet! She also showed us the two sides of the brain developing. It’s just so crazy that these precious miracles are growing inside my tummy! I still can’t believe it!!

Baby A’s heart rate was 145 and Baby B’s was 141. We had to try to get Baby B’s several times because he/she was hiccuping like crazy so it was hard to get a steady beat! But it sure was cute!!!

Little A is tucked under Baby B and has its little legs crossed!

So what are you final guesses for the genders?! I’m still thinking a boy and girl! But I really don’t care either way!! Gannon has always said two girls, but now is saying one of each! I think if it’s two boys we will be shocked because for some reason I’ve just never processed that! But honestly, I’m just excited to know so we can start buying things and getting that nursery decorated!!

I heard this song last week and have been listening to it non stop! I’m obsessed so I wanted to share it in our post! Lord, thank you for this amazing Mountain you let us celebrate today!

Well here’s to a long week trying to guess these babies genders 🙂 I can’t wait to give the official update Friday night! So stay tuned!!!


Momma Brown

2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Ultrasound :)

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s time for gender already?!!? I finally will start stims on the 4th and I’m anxious. I’m so ready!!!

    I can’t wait until you update again!!!

  2. I can’t wait to hear! I guess one if each but I was totally wrong guessing my own twins and my husband predicted which IVF cycle would work, that it would be twins and they would be girls… So maybe Daddy’s right? Have a happy reveal day and hope you are feeling well!!

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