Beauty Revived

A sweet friend, who I met through our NEST group, nominated me to be featured in the Beauty Revived, 50 Beautiful Mothers, edition. When I found out she nominated me I was blown away! There are so many deserving women that I felt I could never compare too!

Three weeks before our second IVF transfer, I found out I have been chosen for the magazine! It came at a time when I needed the celebration the most. God I know I always say this, but your timing is perfect.

The actual photo shoot landed during our 2 week wait. For those of you who aren’t familiar with IVF or any fertility treatment for that matter, the 2 week wait is probably one of the hardest waits of all. It’s the wait until you find out if this treatment worked or not.

Leading up to the pictures, I debated back and forth if I should “cheat” and take a home pregnancy test before so I could surprise Gannon at the shoot. I even considered calling my nurse to see if she could get me in early, but I really felt like God was telling me to trust him during that wait and not test. I also realized if the results were negative, I didn’t want those results to steal the joy from the shoot. So I decided not to test and just enjoy these pictures while I was “pregnant until proven otherwise!”

As I look back as these pictures, my heart fills with SO much joy. These pictures were taken just days before our lives changed forever. I love looking at them and realizing that the very moment these were being taken, God was working on creating our perfect miracles inside my tummy. I love how giddy and hopeful we are in the pictures.

I truly will cherish these pictures forever! Because these are the first official pictures of the 4 of us! Woah guys, we are a FAMILY OF FOUR!!! I can’t wait to look back on these pictures with our twins and tell them how we didn’t even know about them yet!!

Sarah Chloe, with Sarah Chloe Photography, THANK YOU! Thank you for making me feel beautiful for the day! Thank you for celebrating my unconventional journey to motherhood and for celebrating our journey!

The day of the shoot was such a dream because I got so spoiled and pampered! Callie Ingram, made me feel absolutely beautiful by doing my hair and makeup! Thank you sweet girl!!

My mom made me the most beautiful flower crown for me to wear during my pictures.

Kelly Annie Jewelry, donated the most beautiful necklace to each of the mothers. The quote that came with the necklace said, “Mothers are life trees. They are strength and stability. They provide shelter and nourishment for those in their midst, and their roots are the foundation which anchor entire forests.” You can see the necklace in this photo!

Gray Monroe, a local boutique donated a $100 gift card! Thank you guys so much!!!

And The Barn of Tulsa let us use their beautiful venue for free!

And for the best part of all! Here are the pictures!!

Those curly hairs get me every time! I pray our babies have them too!! 🙂

These pictures crack me up! They definitely didn’t turn out as graceful as I was expecting!!

Also, if I knew I was pregnant I probably wouldn’t have tried to jump in his arms! But these are seriously some of my favorite pictures because we were having so much fun!

Gannon got this bracelet the day of our very first IVF transfer and has worn it ever since! One side says “Never lose Hope” and the other says “Have Faith!” I can’t wait to take a picture with our twins holding it one day!

Here’s a picture of our feature in the magazine, along with our article!

 If you would like to get a copy of the magazine here is a link!

Order Beauty Revived Magazine

Thanks again for all the wonderful ladies who made this day possible!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


Momma Brown 🙂

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