First 3D Ultrasound 12 Weeks 5 Days!!!

Jeremiah 1:5, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

I’m just feeling so emotional realizing how faithful God is! Today we got to go in for our first 3d ultrasound and it was so surreal being able to see our babies with such clarity. After all these years of trying, to be able to see the life God placed in your womb is truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s just so crazy to think that God has been waiting to bless us with this moment and I know he had a big smile alongside us today!

The babies are already besties and were so snuggled up with each other, it’s the sweetest thing! For years, I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to see tiny feet and a little nose in my tummy and today we got to see the sweetest toes and noses I’ve ever seen!!! I just still can’t believe we made two babies! Well really God did, but I can’t believe that Gannon and I made two miracles that will be a part of him and me! What an incredible miracle each life is! My heart is bursting with love for these babies.

It’s so fun to look at the ultrasound screen and think that they already resemble one of us! I think Baby A totally resembles Gannon! I can see his nose and face structure! And sweet Baby B was hiding it’s precious little face in all the pictures! Maybe that will be our more quiet baby…haha we will see 🙂 My heart seriously might explode you guys! Thank you LORD for these babies!!

When the tech would try and focus on one of the babies the other baby would get jealous and try and jump in all the pictures! They already have sibling rivalry! But it was pretty funny! So we got a lot of pictures of the both of them!

The tech also measured both babies and they are both measuring right on track! It was so precious getting to see their strong little hearts beating on the screen. One heartbeat measured 155 and the other 160 so they are still nice and strong! She looked at their little arms and legs and everything seemed to look great!! Already a huge answer to prayers!

Today we had the option of the tech measuring via the ultrasound to check for down syndrome or do blood work for a more extensive test just to make sure everything is ok with the babies. That way we will have time to prepare and do anything we can before they arrive. So we decided to do the blood test. We should be getting those results in a week so please be praying for those results.

We don’t go back in to the MFM specialist until we are 18-20 weeks so Gannon and I made an appointment with Miracle in the Womb so we can find out what we are having at 16 weeks! My parents are going to Greece in June so we want to find out before they leave! But eek, I can’t wait to find out what these precious babes are so we can start planning and decorating!!!

And for the BEST part of the post!! Here are some 3D pictures of our sweet babies!!!

Look at those little crossed legs and tiny ear!!!

Baby B loves to have his/her little hand tucked by it’s face!! Isn’t that the sweetest?!

Baby A was creeping in the background, haha!!

I heard this song the other day and it really hit home so I wanted to share it!

2 thoughts on “First 3D Ultrasound 12 Weeks 5 Days!!!

  1. ISNT IT SO AMAZING! They are so TINY, yet perfectly made! Fingers, toes, ears! It’s incredible. Can’t wait to keep following your journey. XOXO

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