11 Week 5 Day Appointment

We had our first appointment at the “regular OB” offices today! It was definitely a completely different atmosphere, but it’s so exciting to be moving forward with the next steps of this pregnancy. And it’s nice that even with all the changes we still have the same Doctor!

Since I’ve never been to these offices before we had to go over all the new patient information. One of the questions was asking how Gannon felt about the pregnancy. He was like thumbs up! It was pretty funny because I’m sure they hear some crazy answers. But it’s totally different when you’ve been trying for so long!

Since we see the MFM specialist next Thursday I knew we weren’t going to be getting an ultrasound. Which I was kind of sad because it’s exciting to see how much they’ve grown. But when they tried to do the fetal doppler they couldn’t hear the heartbeats because of my backwards uterus and the babies are still pretty low. So the resident said let me go and grab the mobile ultrasound machine, I was like YES!!

I couldn’t see the screen when they did the ultrasound, but it was hilarious watching the guys reactions. I guess the babies were bouncing all around it was really hard for them to get the heart rates. But the babies heartbeats were really strong! One was 165 and the other was 175!

Here’s a short video of Baby A! It’s heart rate was 175!

Gannon ended up getting video of Baby B, who was bouncing all around. It’s just still so surreal to me that I have 2 little babies bouncing around in my tummy! I can’t wait until I get to feel them kick! They said that will probably be in 4 weeks!

The past 3 days I’ve noticed some “growing pains” or just my uterus stretching. And I’ll randomly feel sharp pains in what I think is my cervix, so Dr B had to check that today and said everything looked great. With twins you just want to make sure your cervix isn’t shortening. So when I would feel the pains it scared me! But what doesn’t these days?!

Dr B said are you ready to have some babies on Halloween?! I’m like, duh!!!  Since I had surgery on my uterus we will be scheduling a c-section. But starting in September I will start going to the doctor every week so they can keep a close eye on the babies. The goal is to not have to be admitted to the hospital or be on bedrest so I’m just trying to take it as easy as I can to prevent that from happening. We also want to keep these babies in there as long as possible. So we are praying we make it to 38 weeks!

It’s crazy to think I will be 12 weeks on Saturday. These weeks are flying by and I know the babies will be here before we know it! We are rushing to finish the last bit of house renovations and start prepping for the babies. Gannon flew to Dallas on Monday and drove his “dad truck” home so we can check that off the list! I’m actually excited to have another truck in the family and it will be so nice with kiddos! We looked for “mom cars” but I really like my explorer so we are going to see how well it does with two babies at once. I don’t think I’m ready to commit to the “burb” (Suburban) life yet!

We go in on a week from today for our first 3d ultrasound. I’m so excited to see the babies and how much they have grown! I’ve had friends find out the gender at that appointment, which would be amazing!! But I don’t want to get my hopes up!

We are just praying for continued health for these precious miracles and no complications. Thank you Lord for more positive news today!

Now it’s time for this momma to take a nap! I am exhausted 🙂


Momma Brown 🙂

2 thoughts on “11 Week 5 Day Appointment

  1. So you popped up on my “people you may know” on IG and having suffered through infertility as well, I checked out your blog. Dr B was my fertility doctor as well!! He saw me through my entire pregnancy and delivered my little guy! The feelings of graduating from the fertility clinic to the OB was so bittersweet!! Best of luck in your pregnancy! Praying it’s uneventful and easy for you!

    1. What a small world!!! Congratulations on your little guy!! I will miss the old offices, but it truly is so exciting graduating to the regular OB! Thank you so much for reaching out and for the prayers! 🙂

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