7 Weeks 4 Day Ultrasound

Today we got to see our little 7 week 4 day old miracles and they are huge compared to last week!! It’s crazy how much can change in just 10 days! They said they are measuring about as wide as my pointer finger which is so exciting!! 

I just can’t believe I have 2 little babies growing in my tummy! I feel so incredibly blessed that God chose us to be these little miracles parents. And what an amazing feeling knowing that I get the privilege of carrying them for the next 7 months! It definitely makes you want to be more responsible, drive safer and just be careful knowing you have two little lives growing inside your tummy! It’s such an incredible feeling and I pray that each woman that longs to be pregnant gets to experience this.

Even though they are in completely different separate sacs, they are right next to each other so they are already best friends! 🙂 It’s almost hard to focus on one of them during the ultrasound right now because they are so close to each other. They are called di/di twins so they each have their own separate placentas and amniotic sacs!

Today Baby A’s heart beat was measuring at 159 and Baby B’s was 163! Anyone who believes in wives tales you will have to tell me what your guesses are for the gender based on the heart rates!  Dr B said they are right in the middle of a boy or girl.

Dr B was telling the resident that this has been a long road coming. He looked at my file and my first surgery with him for my uterus repair was August of 2014. Gosh what a long road it has been, but it’s so incredible to see how faithful God has been blessing us with these two babies. I wouldn’t change a single moment of our journey because the moment we saw those two little heartbeats for the first time made it all worth it.

We get to go back in April 10th for our 3rd ultrasound and the count down is already on! I can’t wait to see how much they will have changed from that time.

It makes me all weepy just thinking about how much I already love these little babies. I just can’t believe we are having TWINS! Each time I see them on the screen it makes me more excited for our life to be changing in the most incredible way very soon! Thank you Lord for these precious babies!! His plans are always better than our own!

If you guys can just be praying these next 2 weeks fly by and that I wouldn’t have any more anxiety. Pray that the Lord would give me a peace about these babies. Pray for continued protection over them. And keep praying that there wouldn’t be any complications!

Thank you Lord for a positive report today and for strong, healthy heartbeats!! Exciting fact: the babies little fingers and toes are now forming! I can’t wait to kiss each little finger and toe! That’s 40 KISSES!!!


Momma Brown 🙂

4 thoughts on “7 Weeks 4 Day Ultrasound

  1. I love reading your blog. It continues to give me so much hope. On our third IUI now. Onto IVF if this round fails. So excited for your miracles!! Thank you again for sharing!!

    1. Yay, I have a friend who just got pregnant on her 3rd IUI!! I will be praying you do too and don’t have to go to IVF! Let me know if you ever have any questions!!

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