February 18, 2016

This time one year ago we were headed down to OKC for our very first embryo transfer. February 18th, will always hold a special place in our hearts. It will always be the day I got to experience pregnancy for the first time. Even if it was for only a few weeks.

It’s crazy how quickly a year can go by. If we had not lost those sweet miracles they would have been around 4 months old. Gosh, I can’t imagine how different our lives would have been. How incredibly different this year would have been. Instead of going through one of the hardest things in our lives we could have been experiencing a joy like none other. Sometimes I wonder who I would be if I would have gotten pregnant when we first started trying. Would I have taken that time to grow in my spiritual walk with the Lord? Or would I have been too busy chasing kiddos around.

Thinking back on this last year and remembering this special day in our lives helps me remember that we aren’t here by accident. This has been part of Gods divine plan in our lives from day 1. And as we prepare for the second biggest day of our lives, February 23rd, which will be our second FET. My heart is filled with peace knowing that no matter the outcome we are one step closer to our miracles.

But today instead of wishing for the things that will be happening ahead. I want to remember this very special day with these pictures last year!

The night before our transfer we had our family over to pray and lay hands on Gannon and me! It was so special!


Driving down to OKC!!


Waiting to go back at the Bennett Fertility Lab.


First family picture with our two miracles! One of my favorite pictures!


The embryologist was going over all the details about our little miracle embryos!


I’ve never seen anything more beautiful! Isn’t is incredible that we all start out as a tiny embryo?!



Handsome Baby Daddy!



Gannon took a few pictures during the actual transfer.


Getting wheeled out after the transfer and getting to tell my family, “I’M PREGNANT!!”


Pure Joy!!


My beautiful sister! She’s going to be about this pregnant this transfer too! I can’t wait to give my sweet nephews a cousin SOON!!


Resting for my hour after the transfer.


First official picture with all 4 of us!


As I look t through these pictures, I am thankful. I’m thankful that Gannon and I were able to go through that experience. I’m thankful for the team of doctors, who have become like family, take time out of their busy lives to help us in one of our biggest dreams. I’m thankful to God for providing a way for all this to be possible. I’m thankful for our two babies, who are now in heaven, because they made us parents for the first time. We love you sweet babies! We can’t wait until the day that we finally get to meet you!

It’s hard to believe a year later and we are only 5 days from doing this all over again. It brings back all the emotions of our last round. But it also makes me realize I have to really put my complete trust in this process and most importantly God’s plan for these babies. Although our first round didn’t work, it doesn’t mean this one won’t either. I am believing that we will get to meet these sweet babies that we are transferring in only 5 DAYS!!

Last night, we did my first progesterone shot which usually hurts really bad and you know what?! I didn’t even feel it! I literally questioned Gannon like a million times to make sure he did it right. But I ended up bleeding a little bit and had some of the progesterone come out so I guess he did! What a huge blessing that it didn’t hurt!

Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday!!


Momma Brown

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