Two Weeks – IVF Round 2


I can’t believe our transfer is only two weeks away!! Only 14 more days until I get to experience being PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise) for the second time in my life. This momma is ready to have those babies back home in my tummy.

I feel like the emotions leading up to this transfer are very similar to the ones during the 2ww. You go from feeling super excited and positive, to feeling so scared and full of anxiety. It’s a surreal flood of emotions that you experience. I feel like I have a farm of butterflies growing in my tummy. I’m hoping soon those butterflies will be replaced with precious baby kicks.

This past week has been an incredibly difficult one for some girls in our NEST group. We’ve had some negative news really knock us down and it has been so hard for us to recover. I can feel satan trying to creep in and steal our joy and trying to put a fear in our hearts. Infertility can be so unfair sometimes. Here we have several families spending thousands of dollars trying to have a family and then you have people who don’t even want children get pregnant. Life just isn’t fair!

But I think one of the amazing things about our NEST group is that we have each other to lean on. Although, things didn’t go as we hoped or planned we have one another to help and encourage each other along the way. It’s nice because so many of us are in different phases so we can be a resource and comfort to people experiencing things others have already gone through. So I want to encourage you all, if you have a friends or family member dealing with infertility please don’t let them do it alone. Bring them to our next NEST meeting! And lets all be a support for one another!

Friends, we just ask you all to please join us in prayer with all these sweet families and pray for peace. Pray that God would open up the right doors for them to know how to move forward with the next steps. That he would provide a way financially for these familes. And please be praying that this incredibly difficult time would draw them closer to God and each other.

Today, I had my 2 week appointment to check the lining of my uterus to see if it’s progressing like it needs to be for my transfer. My lining needs to be at a 10 for the transfer and it’s already at a 9 so that’s great news. It’s crazy to think that if we had done my transfer like we originally planned today would have been our pregnancy test. I really don’t know if I could have handled any more news at this point, so God thank you for knowing I needed to push our transfer back a month!

I heard this song and I think it’s perfect for all the things happening in our lives this week so I wanted to share it with you guys! I have Hope that every family in waiting will get their precious miracle in God’s perfect timing!

Guys it’s just now hitting me that in 14 DAYS I’M GOING TO BE PREGNANT! Excuse me while I freak out a little! Deep breaths!! Since I’m supposed to be relaxing as much as possible Gannon and I are going to have a couples massage for an early Valentine’s present! Just in time to prepare us for the IVF marathon we are about to be on! πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Momma Brown

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