Always be Thankful

Last night when I crawled into bed I started to feel anxious because I realized if we had not decided to do the ERA test, today would have been our transfer. Gosh, it’s crazy how quickly this time flew by. I remember gearing up for my egg retrieval in September thinking January was an eternity away. Infertility is a series of hurry and and wait. You feel like when you’re in the midst of something your rushing only to find out you have to wait another 5 or now 6 months for your transfer! Then you have your actual transfer and you have to wait the dreaded 2 weeks to find out if it works. Infertility treatments are just cruel sometimes! 🙂

Now that today is here, I am so thankful we decided to wait and do the ERA biopsy. I feel like Gannon and I really need these extra 27 days to prepare. I don’t want to jinx anything (not that I really even believe in that), but I feel such a peace about this round working. I kind of feel like God is putting this pressure on us saying, “Ok are you guys ready now?”

This time last year when we had our transfer our life really was in chaos. Gannon and I laugh thinking about how insane our lives would have been if our first round worked. We had decided to do a full house renovation and ended up living with my parents for 3 months during that time. Can you imagine doing that pregnant? We finally moved back to our house the first week in July and our house was still in shambles. Let’s be honest our house still isn’t 100% back together! And just think I would have been 5 almost 6 months pregnant! I know we could have pulled it off, but goodness it would have been stressful!

This time around, I feel so much more organized. Our nursery is prepped and ready with new paint, doors, carpet, lights, and even trim! Essentially we could buy some furniture today and bring that baby home tomorrow. I feel more organized in my heart. This round I know what to expect. I know how the transfer will go, how the 2 week wait feels like 2 years, and how the day of our pregnancy test will go. Not that your ever prepared for life changing news, but now Gannon and I know how that will go a little bit. We’ve heard devastating news and now we are prayerful we will here the news we’ve waited for our whole lives!

I just feel at peace! And that’s such an incredible thing. Lord, thank you for not letting today be our transfer. Thank you for letting us do the ERA test and for letting those results be positive! We pray that you would help prepare our hearts these next 27 days. And continue to give us that peace that can only come from you! Also, please be praying for my 4 sweet friends who are in or about to be in their 2 week wait!

Colossians 3:15 says, “And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.”


Momma Brown

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