IVF Round 2 – Suppression Check

I got a call this morning from MK asking if I wanted to come in today because tomorrow they have a ton of girls going in and I would end up having to wait forever. I was like uh, I’m not mentally prepared to come in today! I haven’t even shaved my legs! She of course laughed and said, “honey do you think we care about that?!” I’m like I do!! But hairy legs and all I decided to go!

Of course we had a resident there, which I’m all for teaching but sometimes I want to grab wanda and be like my ovary is over here!!! I also have a retroverted / tilted uterus so it always makes it hard for a new doctor to find everything. Lovely, I know 🙂

Today, they were just checking to see if my body was suppressed enough to start up the medicine on Sunday and everything looked great! Seriously my tummy gets butterflies each time I think about how close we are to our transfer. They say stress plays a huge role in the success of all this, but it’s hard to stay cool when you know you’re going to be pregnant in 35 DAYS!

It’s such a weird feeling preparing for your transfer. I know no one really “knows” when they are going to get pregnant well of course, unless you do IVF. And it’s such a crazy feeling knowing that in just 5 weeks I will be carrying two of our miracle babies. I feel like once again I’m preparing for our IVF marathon!

Today they stressed that I need to do everything EXACTLY like I did for my ERA biopsy. I’m thinking do I even remember what I did?! But basically they are saying I need to take my medicine at the same exact time I did last time and all that fun stuff. Thank goodness I took a picture of my alarms because I literally can’t remember. I feel like I already have pregnancy brain! It’s just so scary knowing you are in control of the medicine distribution aspect of this process! Ugh, deep breaths I need to stay as stress free as possible! Speaking of stress free, my sweet sisters (Nikki & Hannah) got me a gift certificate for Christmas and I’m going to use that Friday for a much needed facial!  It really couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks Seesters!!

My momma came with me today! So of course we had fun documenting our visit!




Prayer warriors! This week and the next I have some very close friends having their transfers! So if you all can PLEASE be lifting them up in prayer I know they would greatly appreciate it!! Pray that their transfers would go well and that they would have sticky little babies! (We use the word sticky in the infertility world which basically means that they get snuggled up in the uterus!!) Pray that they would trust God’s plan for their lives and that He would give them a sense of peace! Also, pray that the 2ww (two week wait) would fly by! Ugh, that really is the hardest part of the journey! I am believing that each of these sweet girls will get getting their positive news very soon!!


Momma Brown

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