IVF Round 2 FET Schedule & The NEST

Yesterday, was an exciting day for our NEST group! My very own Doctor, Clark Bundren, came and spoke to the group! It was such an honor to have him and MK there to explain their history and answer any questions the girls might have.

Gosh, it’s so true when you feel like God puts something on your heart to do and you follow his direction it always ends up better than you could ever expect. When I started this group, I pictured maybe 8-10 girls showing up and it being a place to be vulnerable and share our stories. And last night I was blown away when Gannon told me he counted 48, FORTY EIGHT, girls there! Wow! I’m literally speechless!

After last night, I’m just so excited for the coming meetings. These next few monthsΒ we are going to have a sperm specialist, massage therapist, pharmaceutical rep, and genetic counselor come speak to the group. The possibilities really are endless and I’m just excited! If you, a friend, co worker or anyone you come into contact are dealing with infertility you won’t want to miss these meetings. They are a wealth of knowledge and information and it’s so encouraging to be around people who are on similar journeys. If you ever have any questions PLEASE let me know!! I would love to be your support!

Β So here are our miracle workers, Mary Katherine and Doctor Bundren! They have made this journey so much easier for us. It’s so true when they say your facility could make or break your experience. I know they are always looking out for what is best for us individually, as a marriage and for our future babies. We have a bond that I know will never be broken. I know they will be there for all the major milestones in our future miracles life and that is something you can’t put a price on!





Not that I’m counting or anything, but my Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is 36 days away! Like woah, where did time go?! If I was on schedule with my other cycle buddies and didn’t do the ERA test I would be having my transfer next week, which literally blows my mind! Thank you Jesus, for making this time go by so fast!

Last night I got my official FET schedule! Here is the breakdown!

January 19th – I go in for blood work and an ultrasound. {Looks like Wanda and I are back at it}

January 22nd – I start Estrace 1 mg twice a day and continue my BC pill.

January 26th – Seriously praying this will be my LAST birth control pill for a very long time. I know I’ve typed that out on my blog several times, but I’m believing this will finally be it!

February 5th – I increase my Estrace to 2 mg twice a day.

February 9th – I have to go in for blood work and an ultrasound. I will be increasing my Estrace to 2 mg three times a day.

February 13th – I go back in for a blood work and an ultrasound and wait to see if I need to increase any of my medicine. These ultrasounds they will be checking to make sure my uterus lining is thickening for the transfer!

February 16th – I go back in for my final blood work and ultrasound before my transfer. Ekkkk!!!

February 17th – I begin my progesterone shots. Since the results from my ERA test we found out I need 1 extra day so unlike last time I will have one more day of medicine before my transfer. This day I will also start taking antibiotics to prepare my body for the transfer.

FEBRUARY 23rd – THE DAY WE GET PREGNANT!!!!! I seriously can’t type that out without crying! It brings back so many emotions from our last round. All I can picture is Dr K coming out of that room saying, “Here she comes all pregnant!” Last February 18th, we had our very first transfer with our only two miracles from that round and it’s really crazy to see where we have come in a year. This round I really have such a peace. But please be praying that this day our sweet miracles thaw out ok and that there aren’t any complications during the transfer.

February 23rd-26 – This momma will be on “bed rest” or just taking it easy to let those sweet babies get nice and snuggled in my tummy.

March 9th – Truly this is hard for me to even type out, but this is the day we take our PREGNANCY TEST. Prayer warriors – we ask you to be praying HUGE prayers for us this day. For patience, peace and most importantly understanding. I know God is in control of our journey and His plans are always better than our own. But this day we will be begging him for the first ever, positive pregnancy test! This day we just ask you all to please allow us time to process the results and we will share the news with you all as soon as we can!

Guys, I really can’t believe we are here again. It was easier last time going into this part of the process a little more clueless. Β Now that I know what to expect it’s hard to not have control. During these next few weeks, we just ask you guys to join us in prayer. We are praying that God would allow this to be our time. That he would finally let us get our positive news. That God would give us peace. Gosh, infertility is so stressful. I’m stressed just typing this out because I want control. But I know God can work on my heart. Please pray that these next weeks God would be able to bring Gannon and I closer than ever. And that we would take this time and cherish our {hopefully} last few weeks with just the tow of us!

Thank you guys so much for your support & love. We truly wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you! Now lets get this party started and get my body prepared to carry these sweet miracles for the next 8-9 months!!


Momma Brown πŸ™‚

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