First Biopsy RESULTS!

Can you guys believe that Christmas is already over?! Let’s all shed a little tear and offically start the countdown to next year! I feel like this time of the year is so busy for us. Gannon and I have both our families in town which makes it super exciting, but very busy at the same time! It’s so hard trying to fit everyones schedules in, but we conquered another year and had a fabulous time celebrating Jesus’ birth with our families!

It’s weird coming out of another Christmas season without a baby of our own. But I truly feel like this will be our last one with our miracle and it was a bittersweet celebration. Gannon and I have been so blessed to get to have 5 Christmas mornings being married with just the two of us and I have so cherished that alone time with him.

Speaking of our last Christmas together before babies. We finally got the call on our first biopsy and we found out that I was not receptive the first day, which is a HUGE answer to our prayers! So now they are going to run my second biopsy and we will figure out the exact day and time to transfer our two miracles in February.

MK left a message on my phone which ended up being perfect because Gannon and I got to listen to it together and when I heard the message I seriously almost busted out in tears. For me, it gives me a sense of peace as to why our first transfer didn’t work. We transferred those sweet babies too early and my body wasn’t ready for them yet. It gives me peace that we did this test for a reason. It was worth the extra expense, pain and pushing our transfer back. It also gives me SO much hope realizing that this round we are giving our babies the best chance they have at surviving. And we have to leave the rest of the work in God’s hands and know that he is in control.

So now onto waiting for the results of our second biopsy!

Thank you all SO much for all your prayers! We hope you have a {safe} and fun NYE!! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a year full of answered prayers and miracles for so many!!


Momma Brown 🙂

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