2nd ERA Biopsy

This morning we had my final biopsy for the ERA test. Wowzer, that was probably the most painful thing I’ve had done this far in our journey. There were definitely a few tears shed and I’ve never cried during a procedure, ever. It made dates with Wanda seem like a walk in the park!

MK was telling me that with the second biopsy, since it’s later in my cycle my cervix has started to close so it makes it harder to access my uterus. Ahem, sorry that’s kind of gross to think about! But it makes it more difficult to get the biopsy so Dr B had to try twice to get the catheter in there.

 Today I officially stop all my medicine and I will start birth control next week. All I have to say is, I’m glad that testing is over. This momma is ready for a break. And it will be just in time for the holidays.

As much as I hated this procedure, I am so thankful that we have modern medicine to help assist us try and have a family. This test will help us know the perfect time, down to the minute of when to transfer our next two precious little miracles. And it gives me so much peace knowing that this will give them the best chance at surviving!

A sweet friend sent me some encouraging bible verses this morning while I was waiting to go back to the room at the doctors office. One verse that she sent me was…

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 and it says, “Watch, stand fast in faith. Be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

It reminded me why we are doing this. Each procedure, test, shot, hormone injection is for our future family. And God has us on this journey for a reason and we have to keep looking to him for direction. And even though these tests are so incredibly challenging I am strong enough to do it. And it will be so worth it when we are finally holding our miracles.

Well friends, I’m going to treat myself to some ice cream or something super unhealthy while I recover from this {awful} procedure! Ok it wasn’t awful but it was pretty close!

Thank you so much for all your prayers today! We truly feel so blessed to have such an incredible support system.

We love you all dearly!


Momma Brown 🙂

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