Wanda and I Meet Again

This week we had an appointment on Monday and Thursday morning to see how my body is responding to the Estrogen I’ve been taking for my ERA test. So far my body has been responding really well! I started out taking 2 pills of Estrace and now I am up to 4 a day. I got back in Monday for my another ultrasound and blood work and then Thanksgiving Day I officially start my progesterone shots and all my antibiotics. And then on November 29th and December 1st I will have my biopsies.

So far I’ve had very minimal side effects on the medicine so it has been really nice to not feel like I’m hormonally out of control! But i’m starting to get anxious about the progesterone shot. That’s an inter muscular needle and I’ve shed a few tears over it! But I know it will be worth it and luckily I only have to take it for 8 or so days.

This morning while we were waiting to go back I noticed that my NEST cards were on the credenza! It got so excited to see them there I had to take a picture!


Speaking of the NEST, we had our meeting on Monday night and my sweet hubby spoke. It mean’t so much to me to see him there and supporting this group that I started. I loved hearing his words about how this process has affected him and how important it is for us to have support and be there for one another during our journies. I was so excited to see that a lot of hubbies actually showed up! So much of this process happens to the girls body that I think a lot of times we forget to see how the guys are doing. Even though they aren’t stimulating their body or getting the ultrasounds it’s still very emotionally draining on them. So I’m glad that all those handsome men decided to put themselves out there Monday night!


Girls!!! Our next NEST meeting is going to be December 5th at Pinkitzel! I am SO excited about this one! We are going to do a $10-$15 Dirty Santa gift exchange so it will be SO much fun!! We can’t wait to see you all there! Be sure and like NEST Facebook page if you haven’t already so you can get all the details!


Because I love to document every part of this process here are a few pictures from our doctors appointments this week!




Well I took my own advice from my last post so Gannon and I are off to a fun friends weekend getaway! I can’t wait to get out of the city and have some much needed time with some of our besties! We hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Momma Brown πŸ™‚

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