Decisions – Decisions

This afternoon we had our follow up appointment with Dr B. We decided to bring my sweet nephew, Lorenzo along so we could show him off! He told me that he wanted to be a part of making his cousins! He will leave out the details of bringing him into the room when I had to get a pelvic exam!

Enzo was so cute and totally flirting and talking to all the ladies!


At this appointment, we got the paperwork over all our embryo babies. You can see how they developed each day. As weird as it sounds it is so comforting having this paperwork so we can remember their little lives no matter how short they lived.


And here’s the paperwork about our frozen babies.


Dr B was really encouraged that we doubled our number from last round. But he still had concerns that our two embryos didn’t stick from the first round. He said they were great looking embryos and at least one of them should have stuck. So he told us about a new test they can do called the ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis). Endometrial receptivity is the state at which the endometrium is ready for embryo implantation to take place.

In order to do this test, we would have to do a “mock transfer” but this time that would include actually taking all the medicine. They would then take biopsies of my endometrium lining to see if it’s better to transfer on Day 7, instead of the normal 5-day transfer. The bummer about potentially doing this procedure is that it will cost us an additional $5,000 – $6,000 and it will push back our actual transfer date to February or March. They also said that the biopsies can be pretty painful which is a little scary to think about. I basically begged MK to give me valium when they do it so we will see if they do! I feel like I’ve been pretty strong but a girl has her breaking points.

But I just have to remind myself in the grand scheme of it all, what is $5,000 more dollars and a few more months of waiting if it can give us our miracle babies we will get to love on for the rest of our lives.

Here is a little video if you want to learn more about ERA or you can click on the link below and it will send you to their webpage.


Obviously, this is a lot to think and pray about. So we just ask you guys to please be praying for direction. It’s so discouraging thinking about another setback. And to be completely honest, my body is so tired of all these treatments. I was really looking forward to being able to take a break before our transfer. But I know we want to do what will give those sweet little babies the best chance at life and if that means me having to do another procedure I will do it. Please just pray that God would give us direction and most importantly peace about it.

I think this has just been a long week and I’m just emotionally and physically exhausted. It’s so scary feeling like we are making decisions that could affect the outcome of our future. But we just have to continue to trust that we are following God’s plan in all of this and making the right decisions.

We truly can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support!

We love each of you dearly!



Momma Brown 🙂

2 thoughts on “Decisions – Decisions

  1. I know it can be hard to go against your doctor’s advice, but MOST women have to do more than IVF cycle to get pregnant. Usually 2-3. My friend didn’t have this test done until she’d had three unsuccessful IVF cycles. I suggest skipping the test for now and trying it without and then reconsidering it if your second transfer fails. Cycles fail for a multitude of reasons, and it simply could have been an egg quality issue, which you wouldn’t know unless you’d done genetic testing on the embryos before transfer. Your embryos look good, so id suggest going for it! Whatever you do will be the best for you guys, and I hope it works out regardless.

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