Final Embryo Update

The embryologist called this morning to let us know that none of our remaining 7 were viable enough to make it to freeze. Gannon has been saying from the beginning that he thought we were going to have 7 babies to freeze but maybe God was giving him a glimpse of our babies in Heaven and he didn’t even know it. My heart mourns for those precious little lives but I will rest knowing we will get to see them someday.

This morning was so surreal waking up and realizing we have 4 frosty little babies! I felt like for the first time since March when we found out we weren’t pregnant I could take a sigh of relief. Goodness, what a journey this has been. We feel so incredibly blessed to have our 4 precious miracles! I have such a peace knowing that God blessed us with the perfect number. I truly feel like he gave us our 4 so we are able to still pursue adoption in the future. And just thinking about that day gives my heart butterflies! His plans are always perfect and so much better than my own!

Seriously guys, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers. Although we are mourning the loss of those 7 babies my heart is full knowing that last night those little miracles were SO prayed for! And that they will never be forgotten!

Our next appointment with Dr B is October 5th and they will be checking how well my ovaries are suppressing. I am still taking my bromocriptine and lupron to help move this process right along. After that appointment, I will be put back on birth control until my transfer in January.

Speaking of our TRANSFER, MK just called me and we are officially on the books for January 26th!!!! That’s exactly 121 days from now which seems like forever when I write it down. Thank goodness we have lots of holidays and celebrations to keep us busy until then because the wait to bring those babies home (aka my tummy) is so hard! God is teaching me daily that I have to trust and rely only on him. Worrying isn’t going to change a single thing about this process.

Matthew 6:34 says, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

So I’m totally throwing this out there. But I have had this crazy feeling that I’m going to have twins, seriously what a blessing would that be?! So I got on the IVF pregnancy calculator and if I did they would literally be due right around my 30th birthday! Talk about the best birthday present ever!! I love that this calculator says congratulations you’re negative 16 weeks pregnant and  2 days! Twins or not it would be amazing to have a fall baby! I’m praying this will be our last holiday season with out our little miracles in our arms!


Gannon sent me this album today and I’ve been listening to it all day. It’s Hillsong United, Of Dirt and Grace, Live from the Land. Download it now, it’s AMAZING! This song literally brings tears to my eyes it’s so beautiful!


Momm Brown 🙂

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