Update on our BABIES!!

Today has been a day full of celebration! Not just because it’s my birthday because we got the update on our miracle BABIES!!!
So today our babies need to have between a 4-8 cell! So we have…

2 – 10 cell babies our little over achievers 🙂

8 – 8 cell babies

3 – 7 cell babies

1 – 5 cell baby

And we lost 1 more baby.

We won’t find out any more details on our babies until Monday when we find out how many we have to freeze. The embryologist said some of the 8 cell embryos aren’t dividing like they need to be and they have 10-15% fragmentation. So please be praying those little 8 cell babies are fighters and keep growing like they need to be. In order to freeze they have to be at a certain level in development.

7 has been a number on our heart this round and last night I had a bad dream that none of our babies made it today. So I pleaded with God that today we would have 7 babies and he DOUBLED that number. It made me realize I can’t put a limit on God! His plans are ALWAYS better than my own! I know on Monday he will have the perfect number for us to freeze and I have to continue to have trust that we have a good father!

Needless to say today I got the best birthday and probably the most expensive birthday present ever!! This momma’s heart is full times 14!!!

Thank you all so much for all the prayers and wonderful birthday wishes! We had a fun celebration with our friends and family!
We will update you all as soon we find out the news on Monday!

Here are some pictures from today!

Momma Brown 🙂

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