Day 2 Update on our BABIES


This morning we got an update on how our babies are doing! So out of the 22 eggs they retrieved, 18 of them were mature enough to fertilize! This round they did the ICSI process where they directly implant the sperm into the egg. Last round they put one of my eggs in a dish with millions of Gannon’s sperm and let them fertilize naturally.

Out of those 18 embryos, 12 of them fertilized normally. Can you say an answer to prayer?!

1 of them isΒ pronuclear so it still has a chance of progressing.

2 of them have not fertilized yet but still have the chance too.

And 3 of them died right after fertilization. It was weird to hear the embryologist say “died” because it really makes this whole process real. Each of these embryos or as I like to call them babies are a human life! No matter if they are on Day 1 or Day 100 their life is precious. And I know we will see those precious babies in Heaven some day. Gannon and I were realizing today that we have 9 babies from our last round and now 18 from this round so we technically have 21 babies we will someday see in Heaven! Our arms will for sure be overflowing when we make it to Heaven!

They won’t update us again until Saturday and this momma is having a hard time knowing that. Last round Day 4 was a really hard day for us. We got the call that day that none of our babies were maturing like they needed to be, but if you remember we reached out to all our amazing prayer warriors, YOU guys and on Day 5 we had 2 to freeze. So please be praying that Saturday we have a good update. I know God will give us the perfect number of babies to freeze, but this part of the process is so emotionally exhausting!

I wanted to show you guys the ICSI process so I found a video on youtube! So this is what happened to our little miracles yesterday!

Last night on my time hopΒ these pictures popped up. This time last year we were preparing for our first round of IVF. Talk about throwback Thursday! I can’t believe how much has happened in a year.




God does it again. The verse of the day in the Bible app is Proverbs 19:21 which says, “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” This scripture holds a special place in my heart because the last time I used it on our blog was when we found out we weren’t pregnant and lost our two miracle babies. Now almost 7 months later it has a totally different meaning to me, which is what I love most about scripture. It can talk to people in so many different ways. But it’s the perfect scripture for us today because it is simply telling us God’s got this. His plans are always better than our own and he has a plan and purpose for these babies. No matter how many we have!

We will update you all Saturday once we find out how our babies are doing! Please continue praying for these little fighters!

Hope you all have a blessed Thursday!!


Momma Brown πŸ™‚


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