IVF Round 2 – Saturday Appointment

Saturday morning we went to Dr B’s office to check how my follicles are maturing and to get some bloodwork taken. They aren’t typically open on Saturday so it was so fun being there with our other “cycle buddies!” There was one couple I had never met and it was so fun getting to talk to them and introduce ourselves. I joked with Dr B but I told him we were making friends in his waiting room! I’m just trying to embrace every moment during this journey and if that means talking about septums, uterus’, or ovaries in a waiting room, I’m going to do it!

Here’s a picture of this handsome guy waiting on Dr B to get there!


My follicles are looking great and the sizes of them all are pretty uniform, which is what we want! Since our Thursday appointment, I stopped taking my Follistim in the morning so I’ve just been taking my two nightly shots. Which is a nice little break!


Here is the picture of my follicles from Thursday on my right ovary…


And here’s a picture of them from Saturday…


You can tell they are really growing like they need to be!

Dr B said there isn’t any more fluid in my Cul De Sac so I’m just saying that is a huge answer to prayer! The bloating in my tummy doesn’t seem as intense anymore and I am so thankful for that! He also stated that my endometrium lining is a 9 which would be great if I was having a fresh transfer but it’s officially confirmed we are doing a freeze all.


The resident at our appointment showed us how we got to witness how they do the ICSI process not that long ago. That is where they inject the sperm into the egg. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen! We literally got to witness life being made in that moment and seriously you guys, God is so good!  I want to see if there is any way he could record them doing our ICSI process, but I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to get the video. But hey, it can’t hurt to ask!

Last night we had Gannon’s 10 year High School Reunion! It was so much fun getting to catch up with old friends, but this old lady stayed out way past her bedtime! So today I am taking a break from life and literally haven’t gotten out of my PJ’s all day! But I was glad that Gannon got to have fun!


Since I have to take my shots at the same time every night I had to take them in our car! I was joking with Gannon that I didn’t want anyone to spread rumors that his wife is shooting up drugs in the bathroom. Which I guess technically wouldn’t be a lie…just not illegal drugs 🙂 Oh the joys of IVF!


Tomorrow morning we go in for our final ultrasound and bloodwork before our retrieval! I can’t believe our retrieval is WEDNESDAY! It still hasn’t hit me that we are doing this again! I just can’t believe on Wednesday we will have some little babies! My heart skips a beat thinking about those precious little lives!

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I can’t wait to update you all with how our appointment goes tomorrow!


Momma Brown 🙂

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