Trusting in Him

Esther 4:14 says, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”

Last night was a DREAM COME TRUE! I can’t believe how good our God is for opening up all the hearts of the women who came to our first NEST meeting! Yesterday my mom and I were shopping for an outfit for the NEST meeting and I saw that Esther scripture. And I realized that was totally a sign from God! All the tears, heartache, disappoint, and wait was all for this moment! God is able to use our story in ways I never imagine possible and I would not change any step in our almost 3 year journey because it led me to last night. I never imagined being where we are now and I know God has us exactly where we need to be. So I will embrace this moment that I am in and try and not miss out on little signs or opportunities that God is trying to show me.

Last night we had so much fun that we totally forgot to take a group picture but we had around 25 women show up! Seriously y’all, God is SO good!

Here are a few pictures we took!


Most of you know her as MK, but last night I got the honor of introducing Mary Katherine to the group! It was such an honor having her there! Here is a picture of us with some of her girls! Without her, this would be such a lonely process. Last night MK and I were brainstorming about all the potential ideas we could do with this group. She has some incredible connections in the medical field so we are going to have some amazing people come speak at our future NEST meetings! And if you girls have any ideas or suggestions on things you would like to see happen please let us know as well!


Amber and I are cycle buddies and have been texting each other throughout this whole process, but last night we finally got to meet each other in person! I think we are going to best friends for life now! 🙂


If you weren’t able to make our first meeting last night don’t worry because we are in the works of planning our second!! So please stay tuned for all the details! But until then be sure to get on facebook and like the NEST Page! That way you can get all the updates on there!

This morning we had an appointment to see how my follicles are progressing. Even with doubling my lupron dosage my follicles are growing like crazy. Which explains all the pressure I’m already feeling on my tummy. Talk about being bloated!


Amber, my cycle buddy was at her appointment too which is so much fun that we get to go through this together so we had to take a picture! Please excuse by puffy eyes/face this medicine is no joke!


I got some pictures during my ultrasound. This is my right ovary. My follicles are measuring 13 mm and they need to be at an 18 mm by Monday, which should not be a problem.


And here is my left ovary. Last round my left ovary had a cyst on it but because I suppressed my body so much before we started this round it got rid of it so that is a huge blessing!


During my ultrasound, they confirmed my biggest fear that we would have to do another frozen transfer.  Dr B said he could already see fluid building up on my abdomen and I just have so many follicles maturing. Unfortunately, my body responds really well to this medicine and even with us doubling the lupron dosage there was nothing we could do to prevent it. I’m so disappointed, but I also have a peace knowing that this is part of God’s plan. Since our 90 days will fall in December we will be doing the transfer in January which means I could be having a baby around my 30th birthday! Talk about the best gift ever! Luckily, we have a lot going on until then that will keep us busy and it will give me time to allow my body to heal and get me healthy!


This picture says Fluid in Cul De Sac which basically just means fluid in my abdomen.  I love the “Exuberant Response!” I don’t think I’ve ever used that word! Await E2, which means they are waiting to get my blood levels back from the lab to see how high my estrogen is. And Expect Freeze all Cycle.


Thank you all SO much for all your prayers. Even though we didn’t get our prayers answered the way we wanted it just gives me hope that whatever God has planned is even better than what we had imagined. And I will continue to have Hope about our future. If you guys can just continue praying that my body doesn’t keep overstimulating. If too much fluid builds up I could have to get it drained and I’ve heard that is not the most pleasant experience. Also, just be praying that God would continue to grow those little follicles so the day of my retrieval we are able to get lots of embryos! If you haven’t gone through this process it might sound weird, but I am already so attached to those little follicles. Because I know that those follicles hold our future in them!

This song literally makes me cry because it’s so beautiful and just explains how I feel right now so I had to share it with you guys! I hope it soothes your heart in whatever way you need it right now!

Hope you all are having a blessed week!



Momma Brown 🙂

2 thoughts on “Trusting in Him

  1. I would ihave loved to have a support group like that in my city! Also, my RE prefers frozen cycles, says it gives your body more time to flush out all the IVF drugs and increases success rates (for his practice at least). I know it is A LOT of waiting in between retrieval and transfer, but a lot of docs prefer it. Plus you will have time to “relax” in between stims / retrieval and the big day. Best wishes!

    1. Ah, I wish you lived closer so you could come to ours!! I know frozen transfers are so much better it’s just so hard to wait!! I guess God is really trying to teach me patience 🙂

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