Stimulation Shots Round 2

I am officially on day 3 of my stimulation shots! And I can already feel my ovaries talking to me! In morning, at 9 am I take my Follistim shot and then at 9 pm I take Lupron and Menopur. Goodness gracious, I forgot how much the Menopur shot hurts! Last night I got a big bump on my leg from the shots and it usually itches like crazy, but anything for my future babies!!



Last Saturday we were at my sister’s house for dinner and I asked if she wanted to give me my shot! You can tell how excited she was to poke me with that needle 🙂


When Gannon and I are home for the shots we have been going up to the nursery and doing a little bible study before. It has been so nice finally going up to that room and spending time with each other and God. Since we renovated our house that room became the “garage sale” room and has quite the mess right now! But we go over to the little window seat area and have our quiet time together. I really cherish that part of our day now.


Gannon still has the bracelet on from our last transfer. He got it at the fertility clinic and literally hasn’t taken it off since. I love seeing it on his wrist every day.



Tomorrow we have our first official NEST meeting! I am so excited to see how God decides to use this group of incredible women. I know that starting this was part of His plan and there is nothing more fulfilling than following his direction for my life. If you guys can just be praying that God would open up all the hearts of those women who decide to come. And truly help us create a sisterhood during this crazy journey we call life!

nest logo2a

Thursday I go back to see how my body is responding to the stimulation shots! I can’t wait to see how many follicles I have maturing! And then this Saturday we find out if we have a fresh transfer or not. If you all can please be praying that my estrogen levels stay at the perfect level so that I don’t overstimulate! Gannon and I are going to keep believing that anything is possible with God and are asking him to let us have a fresh transfer!

Thank you all SO much for all your prayers! We are SO thankful for each and every one of you!

Hope you’re having a blessed week!


Momma Brown 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stimulation Shots Round 2

  1. Kate,

    Your blog is so inspiring! You sharing something so intimate & personal is incredible & courageous. Makes me cry every time. I believe God is using you to share this. When married I found out I had PCOS after trying for 6months. Eventually the strain wore on my marriage and we divorced because I couldn’t give my then husband what he desired & I shut down! Knowing I’m not the only woman going through this infertility battle has truly opened my eyes to a brighter future.

    Thanks girlie & the VERY BEST of Gods Grace to you and your journey to baby brown!

    1. Oh my goodness, Myka thank you so much! I am so sorry to hear about your divorce. I know that infertility can be such a difficult thing to go through and that it has a terrible strain on marriages. But I pray that God is able to use YOU and your story to help and encourage so many women who have gone through similar circumstances! Thank you so much for reaching out! Prayers for you and your bright future! 🙂

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