Suppression Check

Yesterday I had my bloodwork and ultrasound done to see how well my body is suppressing. This round they doubled my lupron dosage hoping to keep my body from overstimulating. On September 17th, we will find out if we will have a fresh or frozen transfer. This round I’m mentally preparing we will have to do a frozen, but I am still praying and believing in a miracle! I think the hardest part about realizing we might have to freeze our babies and wait 90 days is just the wait! The wait never gets easier, but I know God is having us wait for a reason and I will continue to have peace about where we are. But with that said, can you all please be praying my body responds exactly the way it needs to and that I wouldn’t overstimulate?!

 When Dr B was checking my ovaries he counted about 10 follicles in each ovary, which is a lot considering we haven’t even started any of the stims. But other than that he said everything looked good and we are ready to start my stimulation shots on Sunday! I will be taking the Follistim shot in the morning and then menopur and lupron shot at night. It was nice to go to our suppression check and feel way more relaxed about doing this process again. I even had some medicine from our last round that MK looked over and it ended up saving us about $1,000 this round. So that was a huge blessing!

I wonder how many pictures we have taken in this exact spot!


Here is a picture of Dr B stating how many follicles he counted in my ovaries and that we discussed having to freeze.


Gannon actually had to give some blood this time too so I had to document it!


So far I haven’t had any major symptoms other than headaches. Well, that and maybe some heightened emotions! The other day I was working on getting our upstairs organized. During our renovations, we moved all our upstairs furniture and stuff into the game room because we had just renovated it before we decided to do the whole house. I have a few baby items I’ve bought and some gifts I’ve been given and I was putting them away in the closet nursery. The next thing I know I’m walking out of that closet bawling and Gannon was so confused about what happened? He thought I had gotten hurt which is so funny and typical for a guy! But there was just something really sad about seeing it all out and how empty the closet was. I’ve wanted to buy baby clothes for SO LONG, but I’ve resisted (for the most part) because I thought it would be a painful reminder of what we don’t have. But I think I’m at the point in our journey where now I want to start filling that closet up and maybe even the room. I want to remain positive and hopeful that in God’s perfect time we will have a baby to fit into those clothes.

Here’s a picture of the closet…you have to admit it does look pretty sad!


You guys, I can’t believe we are really about to start our second round of stimulation shots. It doesn’t feel real that in 13 days we will have some precious miracle embryo babies! This part of the process is so emotionally exhausting. The emotional and physical attachment Gannon and I already have for them is unbelievable. So if you all can just be praying that this round God would bless us with the perfect number of eggs so he can give us the perfect number of embryos that fertilize. Please pray that my body would not overstimulate and that if it is His will we will have a fresh transfer. Please be praying for my sweet hubby, he takes on so much stress about the financial side of all of this and that God would continue to provide a way for us. And most of all please be praying for all the precious families who are going through any sort of fertility treatment or dealing with any loss right now. That God would reveal himself to those families and pave the way for them.

Thank you so much for loving our future babies enough to follow our journey with us! We truly can’t thank you enough for all the prayers and encouragement!


I heard this song the other day and it literally brought me to tears so I had to share!

Hope you all have a blessed week!

Momma Brown 🙂

4 thoughts on “Suppression Check

  1. I know no one likes to wait, but a lot of women who overstimulate often do well with frozen egg transfers. I have PCOS, so my RE opted to skip the fresh altogether, and our two miracles are a month old now.

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