Lucky Number Two

We officially started our second round of IVF yesterday. It feels so surreal to finally be here. Gannon and I feel so incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to try IVF again because we know SO many families aren’t able too.

Since this is our second round it’s nice to feel a little more prepared this time. I like knowing what to expect, but it is also causing me to fear the future more too. I know what is on the line this time. But it also allows me to truly trust God in a completely different way than before. We know he has us here in this exact place for a reason and I’m trusting in His goodness. I know he longs to see Gannon and I become parents and I will keep believing this will be our time.

This time around I wanted to be more organized with my medicine. I had a few panic attacks last time thinking I didn’t have everything I needed because it wasn’t all laid out properly. So this time, my goal is to try and eliminate some of that stress. I bought this cute little organizer from Hobby Lobby back in the craft department. I think it’s going to be perfect for my needles/medicine. I also printed out a calendar and I’m going to list all my shots on the dates so I can put a check mark next to it after I’m done. I know it sounds crazy, but when you get into a routine of doing something sometimes you forget you even did it! Kind of like shutting the garage, I ALWAYS have to drive back and make sure I didn’t leave it open! So hopefully this eliminates that stress as well!

Here is a picture of all my stuff organized…I haven’t received all my stimulation medicine, but once I get it in it should fit in there perfectly too!


Another thing I wanted to do different this time was to set up a little “war room” in our nursery. Side Note- If you haven’t seen the movie War Room I would highly recommend it. But I want the nursery to not be this sad/empty room anymore. I want it to be a place I can call upon the Lord and lay my heart out on the line. Going into that room also reminds me of how I am a child of God’s. That each feeling I have in my heart for my future children God feels for me. He has SO many hopes and dreams for my future and I know when His timing is right, he will bless us with the perfect family.

Here are a few pictures of us in our nursery last night! I love that this room has a cute little window seat so that’s where we set up our little prayer corner.



This round we are doubling my lupron dosage from .1 to .2 in hopes that it will help prevent me from overstimulating. So please be praying that the lupron helps keep my estrogen levels down and we can have a fresh transfer!


I’m not sure I will ever get used to giving myself shots. But each time I do I feel so much stronger and I’m always so proud of myself.


One shot down, a lot more to go!!


NEST UPDATE!! Girls, I am so beyond excited for our first Nest meeting in just two weeks. After reading my last post I realized it sounds like it is just for people who have gone through fertility treatments, which isn’t the case! I want it to be open to any sort of journey to parenthood. Whether you have gone through the heartache of losing a child, experienced the joys of adoption or you have been a surrogate for a family. I want it to be open to any phase of life! I can’t wait to meet you all and see how God will use our group! Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

I heard this song the other day and I loved it. I feel like this is my theme song for this round. I am believing that God is working on our miracles as we speak! And I have complete hope that we will get our family soon!

Hope you all have a blessed day,

Momma Brown 🙂

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