This afternoon, I had this overwhelming feeling I needed to fill out our application to start the process of fostering/adoption.  We got the email literally one month ago to the day as of yesterday. I called Gannon so we could do the application over the phone and before I hit submit I had him say a little prayer. I’m not even joking less than 5 minutes later we got a phone call from a sweet lady from the foster/adoption support center. She sent us over an email with a list of all the agencies DHS works with and we have one week to go over all the options and decide which agency we want to work with!

I’m like wait, WHAT?! I literally could have burst out into tears it was so exciting to hear back from someone so quickly and for her to be excited and so proactive with us! I feel like for the first since March we could actually have a family soon! I have butterflies in my tummy with all the potential our future holds! I’m so excited to start this process and to see where God takes us in this part of our journey!

So prayer warriors, adoptive parents or anyone who just wants to give us advice! What agencies did you work with? Why did you choose them? What did you like or not like about them? We have SO much to look into, pray about and decide! Here is a list of the agencies that DHS works with…


Anna’s House

Circle of Care




St. Francis

OK Families First

Oklahoma Association of Youth Services

Southwest Foster Care


Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services

Homebased Services

Wesleyn Youth Inc.


So I guess this is really happening! If you guys can be praying for guidance that would be amazing. I have that feeling like I did when we did our first round of IVF thinking are we old enough to make this kind of decisions?! And please pray that we are able to get our house done this week! We waited to submit any of the paperwork until our house was completed but apparently God had different plans having me do it today! I know he has a plan in all of this and my heart BURSTS at the thought that our little baby(ies) are already picked out for us just waiting for the perfect time to be placed in our arms!

Now lets hope I can actually get some sleep this week because I’m just too excited!


Momma Brown 🙂

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