7 days in…7 more to go!

7 days in…7 more to go!

I can’t believe it has already been a week since the transfer! I feel like this week has been going by SO SLOW! But at the same time bedrest seems like ages ago. This 2-week wait is no joke. I feel I am having to fight a constant internal battle over not letting my mind wander. I’ll have a symptom and be like yep I’m for sure pregnant and then I’ll have moments of there’s no way there are little babies in there! It’s the most insane feeling ever! By the end of the day, I’m EXHAUSTED! Satan is completely trying to steal my joy and he will not have any part of it! I pray these next 7 days FLY BY!!

 Because our life wasn’t crazy enough trying to make some precious babies. Gannon and I have decided to start a major home renovation soon. One that will require us moving into my parents house for a bit while we do it! So luckily all those plans have helped keep me a little distracted. But honestly, can anything distract you enough from wanting to know if there is a new little life inside of you?! I think not!

I text my nurse yesterday and asked her if there was any way she could sneak me in early because I’m going crazy. And all she said was, “This is the hardest part…waiting. Hang in there girlfriend. No cheating!” I want to be like I wouldn’t cheat if I could get in earlier! 🙂 Ok I’m being a brat I know…but we are paying for this treatment right?! So just please be praying that I am strong enough not to give in and take a home pregnancy test. I literally fantasize about taking one! But I’m SO SCARED for the results! I think in those 3 minutes while it is processing I would have a heart attack! We’ve waited this long to get to this point what is 7 more days right?! I’m just going to keep telling myself that!

I’m thankful for my sweet friends who have gone through IVF. I love being able to reach out to someone who has gone through the same emotions that I am feeling. It helps me realize that I’m not crazy! Ok, I might be a little crazy, but you know what I mean 🙂 And I’m also so thankful for the IVF Support girls! I will be thinking something and look on that page and someone else has already asked the question I was thinking about 5 minutes before. And there will be 15 responses with women who are experiencing the same thing! It’s truly so encouraging.

Now, I will rest knowing that God has us in this exact moment for a reason. He is the only reason we are here and I know He is a good God who knows the desires of my heart!
Doesn’t matter what I feel
Doesn’t matter what I see
My hope will always be
In your promises to me
Now I’m casting out all my fear
for Your love has set me free
My hope will always be
In your promises to me
I was listening to Elevation Music today and “Your Promises” came on and it literally couldn’t have been any more perfect with how I am feeling today. So of course, I had to share.
Thank you so much for your prayers!
Psalm 119:49 says, “Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope.”
Momma Brown 🙂

2 thoughts on “7 days in…7 more to go!

  1. You can always start testing early, but for me, I hated the idea of getting a negative that could turn into a positive. I wanted to wait until I knew for sure one way or another. We finally took a hpt at 9p5dt, and our beta was the next day. Even though it was positive, I still had trouble believing until we got the beta results back!

  2. Also, are they really waiting 14 days to do your beta? That would be the equivalent of 19 days after ovulation if you did a five day transfer.

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