Frozen Embryo Transfer

As I sit here in bed I am still in awe of yesterday and how good our God is. Gannon and I can’t thank each of you enough for every prayer we received yesterday. The amount of love and support has been unlike anything we have ever experienced and truly I felt like through each of you we got a glimpse of Heaven will be like.

Waking up and knowing that this is the day you are going to get pregnant is literally the most surreal, unfathomable experience. As I sit here and type this it’s even more surreal knowing I have two perfect little embryo’s growing inside me. What a crazy road it has been to get here. I have seen God’s presence more than I could ever imagine. And I truly believe that yesterday God was there holding Gannon and me personally as he handed over our precious miracles.

Goodness, what a day yesterday was! We got to OKC early because I wanted to make sure we had more than enough time to relax and not feel rushed. And in true fashion, I thought we could go to the outlet mall before. To be honest, the mall was a great distraction, but all I could think about was the transfer and wanting to make sure our precious embryo’s thawed out alright.

Once we finally got to the Bennett Fertility Clinic I felt like I could finally take a deep breath and relax. Here is a picture while we waited for Gannon and me to go back! We had such a great support team there. We were just missing my dad who had to stay and take care of the family business while we were gone!


We found out that I was the only transfer they had scheduled at that time so they let our whole family go back with us! It was so incredible to hear the nurse talk about our perfect embryos. In this picture,  she was going over all the details of the freezing and thawing process. She is the one who personally did it! I’ve never been more proud of hearing how well our babies were doing!


She handed us this picture of our embryo’s and showed us what parts make up the placenta and what part is the actual baby. It’s truly a miracle that even at 6 days old they can differentiate all that. She showed us where she had to use a laser and cut the outer edge of the embryo’s so they can start to hatch. Since they were frozen, they wouldn’t be able to naturally hatch because the outer shell becomes too hard.


I love this picture because the grandma’s had to come see all the details she was talking about too! They are already proud so proud of their grand babies!


Once they went over all the details it was time for Gannon and me to get geared up for the transfer! I luckily only had to get undressed from the waist down and Gannon had to put scrubs on over his clothes!

Before I went and changed, I had to put on my lucky wonder woman socks! They say if you have warm feet then you have a warm uterus! And those sweet little babies need a nice cozy warm place to get snuggled in!


Gannon was geared up and ready to become a daddy!!


When we were finally ready to go back, we all said a quick prayer and then it was time for us to walk into the transfer room! The last time I walked into that room, I had our egg retrieval and within 1 minute of being in there I was asleep. So it was such a surreal feeling having them get me all ready for the transfer. They put my legs in the stir ups and then the table below by bottom drops. After that, they tilted the table up so they could get an easier access to my uterus.


The whole procedure only lasted about 15 minutes! I couldn’t believe how quick it was! It was definitely was not the most comfortable experience of my life, but I was thankful Gannon was there to hold my hand! Here are a few pictures Gannon took of the transfer process! You can see the metal door behind the doctor. That is the lab where they keep all the embryos! Dr B doesn’t do the actual transfer so they had Dr Kallenberger do it! Apparently he has been getting men’s wives pregnant for a long time!


Gannon was having such a proud daddy moment that he posted this picture on facebook for all too see 🙂 Even though these pictures are a little up close and personal I’m so thankful we have them so we can remember this moment! This was when they were actually transferring the embryos inside in! Since the table was at such a tilt I couldn’t see what was going on. So I’m thankful I have these pictures to see what was actually going on!


When the transfer was finally done the doctor said, “Alright you are officially pregnant until proven otherwise!” I can’t even begin to explain how that moment felt. I have waited SO LONG to hear those words! It’s crazy to think it only took 15 minutes for it to actually happen, but so many prayers, tears, money, faith and HOPE to get to that point!

When the doctor came out of the room he told our family, “Here she comes all pregnant!” Once they wheeled me out to the recovery room, I had to lay there for an hour to make sure those babies were nice and settled! Before Dr K left he came in and said bye and I said thanks for getting me pregnant! And he said, “You’re welcome and isn’t it awesome I get paid for it!” He was pretty funny!


Here was our first official picture together as a family of 4! Our cheeks were nice and rosy from being so nervous!


Last night I didn’t sleep very well because I was afraid I would “squish” the babies! When I woke up I started to worry because I don’t “feel different” and I felt like I should be able to tell those two miracles were in there! And just when I was starting to feel satan try and attack me I looked over and saw this bracelet on Gannon’s wrist!


They had these at the clinic yesterday so we each got one! I love how God sends us different little reminders each day!

This whole bedrest thing is for the birds! And then you add the fact that my bum is sore from having the progesterone shots each day just makes it more exciting! My knots and bruises are starting to get a little intense!  I thought bed rest would be fun for some reason but it has been really hard! I was told I am only supposed to get up to go to the bathroom and I can sit up to eat! It’s killing me having to ask for everything! But Gannon has been SO MUCH help and has taken his role serious!

Now I just need to focus on the fact that for the first time in 28 years I am pregnant! I can’t believe it! Thank you all SO MUCH for the prayers, encouraging texts, calls, presents, etc! We are truly so blessed!

Now I guess this momma has to get back to resting!


Mama Brown 🙂

8 thoughts on “Frozen Embryo Transfer

  1. Incredible! I went through one completely uncomfortable IVF that failed. I want to try again but am very apprehensive at the same time. Your story makes me want to drop everything and run right down to my local clinic!

  2. I tear up every time I see a post or picture of you from yesterday. I never felt any different even 6 weeks into being pregnant so don’t worry about not feeling anything now 🙂 !!!!

    1. Aw thanks sweet girl!! I still can’t believe it happened!! I’ve started to have little random cramps which i’m hoping means they are implanting and my boobies are a little sore now 🙂 Ekk 10 more days!!!

  3. I cried reading this! I am so excited and happy for you two! This makes me so excited for ours in less than 5 weeks! Thanks for giving us the inside scoop on what to expect! Rest well mama!!

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