First Progesterone Shot

All I have to say is OUCH! Last night was my first progesterone shot and goodness gracious did it hurt. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t given myself a shot in the last 4 months, but I wasn’t expecting it to hurt so bad. As soon as Gannon stuck the needle in I burst into uncontrollable tears.  I felt like I was crying for all the women who have had to do these shots, who are in the middle of them, or who is about to start them. I was crying because it’s moments like this that I feel sorry for myself and I’m mad at God that we have to do this. But as mad as I was in that moment as soon as the pain finally went away reality set in and I realized we are almost there! I can’t give up because we have FOUR DAYS until the transfer. And I am strong enough to get through this.  As much as I hate these shots I pray that I have to endure them for the next 13 weeks because that will mean we are pregnant. And all the pain, needles, tears and frustration will be worth it.

Romans 8:18 says, “I am sure that our suffering now cannot be compared to the shining-greatness that He is going to give us.”


The shot has olive oil in it so that makes it more difficult to inject since it’s thicker.


This was right before the shot!




And after! I want to remember and document these feelings. Even if they aren’t the best memories I know someday I can look back while i’m holding our precious miracle and remember all the hurdles we conquered to get there.


Now here’s to hoping tonight will be a little better since now I know what to expect! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! I can’t believe this week we are getting PREGNANT! Until then I just have to remember…


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kate 🙂

6 thoughts on “First Progesterone Shot

  1. I cried during my first shot too for all the same reasons. Here are my tips for making it better: ice for 10 minutes while warming up the vial in your bra. Stand while you get the shot, take weight off the leg of the side you’re getting the shot in and turn that same foot inward. Have your hubs rub arnica gel (all natural bengay, I bought at Target) into the spot for 30 seconds. Then use a heating pad on the spot for 10 minutes. It didn’t work every time, but I literally did PIO injections for 11 weeks straight and they did get easier. The big thing is avoiding lumps!! Those make everything worse. Good luck!

  2. Yeah the PIO shots represent everything unfair in the infertility world to me too. Just keep remembering your end goal and that its for the babies and worth every “ouch”. You’ve come this far, PIO’s got nothing on you. Best of luck and prayers for you guys this week!

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