Follow Up Appointment

Yesterday we had our follow up appointment since my egg retrieval. It’s hard to believe it has already been a week. Going into the appointment, I didn’t realize I was going to have a date with “Wanda” (the ultrasound wand). I thought we were just going to be checking my blood to see if my estrogen levels have dropped any.

This was my face when I realized I had a date with Wanda. I’m hoping our friendship can end soon…i’m over her!


The past 3 days I have felt really bloated, especially right before bed. I feel like a round ball trying to roll around in bed and get comfortable. When Dr B was measuring my ovaries yesterday he said they are 20 TIMES the size of a normal ovary right now! Umm WOW no wonder my stomach feels huge right now. Because I overstimulated, all the follicles had refilled with fluid and were about 3 times the size they were right before retrieval. It was crazy to see how tiny my uterus was compared to everything. No wonder I’m having trouble breathing and getting comfortable in bed!

I’ve learned through this healing process that I apparently have a really high pain tolerance. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It is SO hard for me to rest and let me body heal. I was told (again) that I can’t do any sort of physical activities. NOT EVEN SQUATS! I’m like lady don’t you realize I have to be on the beach in less than a month. But I guess if I do anything to jostle my ovaries right I could risk completely losing one or even both of them. So I am just going to have to be at peace with my body not being “beach ready” right now.

Dr B was at the lab yesterday doing more egg retrievals and he was telling us how he personally looked at our two sweet little frozen babies. He said they looked really good and he was pleased with them. Which was SO comforting! He was also saying that he was looking into why he thinks only 9 out of our 20 eggs fertilized. He said that both my eggs and Gannon’s sperm looked great. But they wondered if we would have done ICSI (where they directly implant the sperm into my egg) we could have had more success.  They were saying if we have to do IVF again they will do that. I was thinking Lord please let this work I do not want to go through this whole process again. But I’m also thankful they are always looking ahead and planning for the future.

We also talked about how they froze each embryo separately. So now that we only have 2 we have to decide when we implant them if we want to use 1 or both of them. I asked Dr B what he recommended and he said well do you want twins or not?! I was like give me all the babies I can get with one pregnancy! Gannon and I are going to be praying that God gives us clear direction about what we need to do. I know he created these little miracles with BIG plans and he will make the plans clear to us when its time.

Here is a breakdown of the development of each Embryo. You can see that number 3 and 20 were the ones that made it to Day 6 and that we froze.



And here is the breakdown of the final two we froze!


I just have to keep reminding myself that all we need is one to get pregnant. My biggest fear coming into this process was the thought of having too many “frozen embryo’s” and not knowing what to do with them all. I know God only gives you what you can handle and I have a complete peace about my two little miracles. November 17th will be a day I remember forever! The day God blessed us with the hope of a future family.

The plan for the next few weeks to finish my daily Lurpon shots and Bromocriptine. I am totally fine with the shots…it’s the Bromocriptine I could do without. It’s a pill and well you have to put it in a place medicine doesn’t typically go. 😦 On Thanksgiving Day I start my birth control pill and get to stop the other medicine. Yippe no shots for a few weeks!! My next appointment is scheduled for December 21st. Our prayer is that my body will be ready for the transfer in February! Which would mean this time next year we could be having our little miracle baby(ies)!

Here is a picture of us holding the stat’s of our little miracles. I guess this is as close as we are getting to a “family” picture right now! I keep telling Gannon we are officially a family of 4.  Or 6 if you count our fur babies!


Hope you all have a great day!


Kate 🙂

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