Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update :)


Yesterday we drove down to OKC for my egg retrieval! I had never been to the Bennett Fertility Institute, but I literally can’t say enough amazing things about their team!


For the retrieval I wasn’t allowed to wear any jewelry,  I had to take off my shellac nail polish & even my toe polish, no makeup, no lotion, no deodorant, perfume,  basically stripped down to nothing! The reason they do that is to ensure nothing compromises the eggs. But boy was I feeling naked…literally 🙂

When I checked in we paid part of our balance for the retrieval.  It was a whopping total of $5,587. And that doesn’t include the transfer or freeze! We tease this is going to be the million dollar baby. But it is oh so worth every dime!


Gannon and I had on our lucky socks. Of course I had the fried eggs and he had… “sperm whales.”  Dr B got a good laugh out of them! While I was in surgery Gannon had to go give his sample. So he needed some luck yesterday too 🙂


For the surgery, I had to walk myself back into the room. Am I the only one that thinks that is crazy?! When I got in the room there were about 10 people in there helping me getting settled in the bed. I noticed a small little pass through in the wall where I’m sure the lab is and it got me so excited to think that’s where our little babies are going to be made. I don’t think my head was on the pillow more than a  minute and I was out!



When I woke up I actually felt pretty normal! I thought I was going to be loopy, but I really wasn’t. I had to wait for 2 bags of fluid to rehydrate me and then we could leave! Here we got the news that…


They retrieved 20 eggs!! We were at risk of over-stimulation, but I honestly feel great so far. There is obviously a lot of pressure from my ovaries but nothing too unbearable! I feel so blessed that so far my recovery hasn’t been too bad.

This was the only time I let them push me in a wheelchair! Which was down to the car so we could leave. The staff at the hospital was seriously amazing! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such encouraging and nice people.


After the retrieval, I felt so great that we  actually went and ate at a yummy pizza place in the city! Doctors orders were to eat any salty food so I guess i’ll abide by those rules 🙂


And since we were SO close to the outlet mall I made my mom and Gannon run to the Gap and Nike outlet 🙂 They tried to get me to sit in a wheelchair but I wouldn’t let them. We just took it really slow. And it was obviously worth it because we left with some goodies!


I will admit that I think I overdid it a little yesterday and I passed out the car ride home. But I’m so thankful I felt well enough to “enjoy” the beautiful day a little bit. I think I was on a little “egg retrieval” high.


When I got home I had flowers on my front porch and a delicious meal in my fridge from two sweet friends! I seriously feel SO blessed by you guys!


Last night my stomach was SO bloated I literally looked like I was pregnant! Since they took all my eggs out my ovaries fill up with fluid which is what causes the bloating. I had to take a picture because it makes me excited to someday have that same bump with a little baby in it!


And for the MOST EXCITING NEWS!! We got the call this morning that as of right now we have 9 embryo’s that are progressing like they need to be. And the other 11 still have a chance of developing! It really just depends on what time the sperm implanted into the egg so we will know more about that tomorrow. My heart LITERALLY EXPLODES at the thought that no matter what the number I have BABIES that are developing right as we speak. What an incredible miracle that God has blessed us with the opportunity to witness. If you guys can just be praying for those little miracles. That God would provide the perfect number for us and that we would have a peace about it.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers. We felt so much love and support from each one of you yesterday. I really feel like God answered our prayers and has healed my body and kept me from overstimulating! I will keep you all updated as the days go on with how many of our precious little children (i’m tired of using the word embryo) are progressing!

I had to share this song because it’s just so beautiful!


Kate 🙂

4 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update :)

  1. I think I had that post retrieval high, too. It was my husband’s birthday so we went to Georgetown Cupcake then out to dinner. By the time we got home I was donezo!

  2. I just had my egg retrieval today! Also had 20 eggs. They didn’t mention overstimulation though. Did you end up with a baby?

    1. Jenell, congratulations on your egg retrieval!! Our first round unfortunately failed, but I am actually on our second round of IVF. We have 4 frozen miracles and will be transferring two the end of February. Are you going to have a fresh or frozen transfer?

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