Our IVF Medicine has Arrived


Yesterday we had our Baseline Ultrasound to see if the Lupron shots had suppressed my ovaries enough to start my stimulation shots….AND THEY WERE!! I like to celebrate the little milestones because it’s just evidence that God has answered another one of our prayers! We signed our paperwork, ordered our medicine and learned how to administer the shots!


Our medicine got overnighted from California and arrived today and cost exactly $2,951.16! I wanted to put that number in here for two reasons! 1. I Β want to celebrate another answered prayer that the medicine cost LESS than we originally anticipated! Yippppee!! 2. I want to remember exactly how much it is when I read this blog 15 years later and threaten my teenager about how much we spent making their bratty little butt! I’m just kidding…kind of! πŸ™‚



On Sunday, I officially start my stimulation shots. At 9:30 AM I will be taking 150 IU of Follistim. And then at 9:30 PM I will be taking Menopur and continue my Lupron! Yes, that is a total of THREE shots a day! For the Menopur shot, I have to mix two powders in with the sodium and it’s pretty intricate! I’m so nervous that I am going to mess it up! I’ve also heard this medicine hurts pretty bad because it has an antihistamineΒ in it. Ekk so please be praying it isn’t too bad!

Here is a picture of my nurse teaching me how to do the Menopur shot! Thank goodness Gannon is a genius and recorded her teaching us how to do it so if we forget or get confused we can watch it again! I really can’t say it enough, but I LOVE my nurse and Dr B. I have such a peace about them and know they were placed in our lives for a reason!



I broke out into a sweat trying to make sure I paid attention to each detail!


It’s exciting to think once we get the shots started on Sunday we will be getting our eggs retrieved 10 days later! This process is SO fascinating and really quick!

If you all can please be praying that the side effects stay at a minimin. I’ve officially experienced the hormone headaches and boy are they intense. The other night I couldn’t sleep at all because my head hurt so bad and I was so delirious I was praying Lord if you’re going to take me, please just take me now! Haha, it’s pretty awful. I was also being really stubborn and didn’t want to take any medicine, but I eventually gave in and felt so much better! I have to remain as healthy as possible and making myself miserable isn’t going to help! I love the verse I shared below because I know the only true rest I have is from the Lord.

Mathew 11:28, ”Β β€œCome to me,Β all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I wanted to share this song! I feel like it’s my theme song for trying to have a baby! I will fight as long as I have to precious little ones!


Kate πŸ™‚

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