Beautiful Family Adventure to the Fort Worth Stockyards

Most of you all know for Christmas my parents got us little family adventures throughout the year. They have literally been some of my favorite memories ever! This past weekend we took the Amtrak train from OKC to Fort Worth! The train ride was about 4 hours and was a lot of fun! The seats were so spacious you could recline and sleep, which we were so thankful for on the way home. They also have a little “Deli” on board where you can grab food/drinks! It’s really nice not having to worry about who was in charge of driving!

My mom seriously knows how to plan a fun weekend getaway! Here was our “itinerary” for the weekend! She always likes to surprise us with different activities wherever we go!


“All Aboard!” The train is a double decker and we always sat on the top level so you can get a better view of everything!



This picture cracks me up! Gannon is glowing in the background!


We stayed at the Stockyard Hotel! It was such a cool atmosphere and centrally located! We didn’t even rent a car the entire weekend, we could just walk everywhere we went! Supposedly, Bonnie and Clyde stayed at this hotel in preparation of robbing the bank across the street. I’m sure it has a lot more history than we even realize!


We stayed in the Outlaw Room!


My parents were so sweet and surprised us with chocolate covered cherries when we arrived!


H3 was the restaurant/bar connected to the hotel. It was a fun place to grab a drink or a quick snack! We also ate breakfast here one morning and it was delicious!


For lunch and well…super late night snacks, we went to the Love Shack! It was conveniently located across our hotel.  I will be honest they completely messed up every order…but the food was really delicious!


The Fort Worth Stock Yards sign was directly outside our hotel so we had to take multiple photo ops in front of it!



My mom planned private dance lesson’s at Billy Bobs! It was SO much fun and we truly learned a lot! Gannon’s nickname is twinkle toes…he’s quite the dancer 🙂



Our dance instructor Wendell was such a patient teacher.



For dinner, we ate at Cattlemen’s steakhouse. It was just around the corner from our hotel. And was DELICIOUS! I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the stockyards. I forgot to take any pictures there.

After dinner, we went to the rodeo. My mom (of course) got VIP tickets and we had a great view of all the animals.





After the Rodeo, we went back to Billy Bob’s and had front row seats to the Chase Bryant concert! It was SO much fun!


On Saturday, we had a BBQ tour! Our tour guide took us to some of the most delicious hidden gems in Fort Worth! These are some pictures of Angelo’s BBQ.





Twice a day they do a cattle drive down the main road of the Stockyards. I thought it was going to be animals literally running down the street, but as you can see these guys are slowly making their way down!


This was Oliver he was such a sweet horse and gets to help all the animals stay in place during the cattle drive!



For dinner that night we ate at the most delicious restaurant, Joe T Garcia. There is always a LONG line out of the MASSIVE restaurant because it’s just that good! The funny thing is they don’t even have menus, you literally choose from 2 options Enchiladas or Fajitas! And goodness gracious they were so delicious!

After dinner, we went on a “Ghost Tour!” It was pretty entertaining…to say the least! These were some pictures we snapped before it started! The tour met at Cowtown Winery which is a fun little bar there!


My precious husband refused to bring his cowboy boots (as you can see he is wearing flip flops) and then tried to convince me he needed to buy some new ones when he was there…sorry dude, not happening!  🙂


Oh and did I mention that this Beautiful Family Adventure we brought along a NEW family member?! My BEAUTIFUL sister is expecting March 2016!! We could not be more excited for this precious little miracle to arrive!


The last day we took an Old Time Photo! This is just one we got printed, but we have some other pretty hilarious pictures on a CD! We also took the Trinity Train tour which I’m going to be honest, was super boring! Maybe it’s because we rode a train down there, but I wouldn’t waste my money!


Overall, we had a FABULOUS time! I am so thankful for my precious family and all the little adventures we get to do together!


To end the amazing weekend here was the sunset on the train ride home!


Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!


Kate 🙂

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