Grow Follicles Grow

I had my ultrasound today to check the growth of my follicles. They grew from a 10 mm to 12 mm which is great news! This time I got some pictures of what they look like!

This is my left ovary full and all those black little dots are follicles!


Here is my right ovary and that big dot with the green dot in it is the follicle we are watching! Praying at the next appointment the follicle is at least 16-18 mm! Grow little one, grow!



Overall the appointment went really well! We are super excited for the progress and just trusting this process. We would rather them grow slower so we can monitor them than grow too quickly and we have to stop and start all over.  My next appointment is scheduled for Monday at 10! I’m hopeful that little follicle is going to be the exact size it needs to be!

Hope you all have a blessed day!


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