A little more waiting…

Today we had our follow up with Dr B so they could measure my follicles to see how they are maturing. My ovaries were full of follicles… yay grow little guys, grow! They were measuring around 10 mm and they need to be around a 20 m, which is about the size of a large grape.  So I am about half way there.

They upped my Follistim dosage to 100 IU and I am going to take those for the next 3 days. My next doctors appointment is scheduled for Thursday at 9:30. I’m hopeful we get our trigger shot and those little follicles are ready to take off!

During the ultrasound, my doctor found around a 30 mm cyst that we are going to keep monitoring.  Add that to my worry list. 😦 They acted like it is pretty common since they are stimulating my ovaries so much and with my history of PCOS. But I would prefer not to see anything like that!

I tried to sneak a little picture of the ultrasound machine after we were done. I should have just asked to take a picture of my ovaries when we were doing it, but there was just too much going on! Maybe next time. But here’s the picture! In the bottom left pictures you can see my beautiful healed uterus! (Yes I just referred to my uterus as beautiful) 🙂 And to be honest I am not sure what the other pictures are.


If you guys could just be praying that these next few shots would make my follicles reach full maturation so when we go Thursday we can get my trigger shot.

And as always my super handsome husband!


Hope you all are having a great Monday!! Wanted to end with one of my favorite songs!



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