Holy Hormones

I am officially at the half way point with my shots well at least until my doctor’s appointment Monday and all I can say is Holy Hormones! The side effects are in full effect and I am just praying I can continue to keep my eyes on the goals ahead! With each step in our fertility journey, I have decided to stay away from reading any of the “side effects” to ensure myself I wasn’t tricking my body into having them. Well no tricking here, my body is well aware of what is happening! So far my side effects have included headaches, pure exhaustion and diarrhea. We don’t need to discuss the last one in anymore in detail, I think you get the point! 🙂  Thankfully this week has been pretty low key so I have come home from work, grab my pillows from our bed and set up shop on the couch. I will literally take a 2-hour nap, eat dinner, take my shot and go to bed! I hate feeling so worthless, but I know my body needs all the rest it can get.


My nurse was telling me at my last doctors appointment that I need to make sure and not do any activities that could jostle my ovaries, so no running, no more Zumba just to stick to the basic incline or regular walks. At first I thought it was pretty funny and interesting to think about even being able to jostle ovaries. But it totally makes sense that they don’t want to them be moving around too much when we are trying to stimulate them. All I can say is Doctor, no worries over here I don’t think I even have the energy to jostle those babies around.

A friend sent an article to me about how any anti-inflammatory medicine can cause women to not ovulate so my headaches have been hard to handle.  At this point, I would hate to take a couple Ibuprofen or Aleve to temporary relieve my headache and it cause this whole process to fail! All I can say is I got into oils at the perfect time, I have been living off of my Young Living Peppermint oil to relieve my headaches.

As far as my shots go I feel like I have mastered it! I mean I think I could basically be a nurse now…just kidding I can’t deal with other people’s bodily functions! I wanted to share some more detailed pictures of the actually shot process since now I am not shaking to death, having minor panic attacks 🙂

This is the handy little case that holds the pen and all the needles.



Since the medicine is already loaded in there from my previous shots all I have to do its dial it back to the proper dosage. Right now I am doing 75 IU.


Once the IU is dialed up I attach the needle. This is the end that goes into the Epi-pen.


Once the needle is attached I clean the area where I give myself the shot.



When that is done I take the cap off and say a little prayer!


I have been giving my shots in my upper thigh, but another place you can do it is in your stomach, below your belly button. I think I am just fine with doing it in my thigh 🙂


And tada the shot is done! After that, all I do is sit back and let those beautiful hormones run like wild horses through my body 🙂

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! Thank goodness for 1 more work day and then we get the glorious weekend!


Kate 🙂

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