A Box Full of Goodies

The goods have officially arrived! I guess this is really happening! I wasn’t lying when I said I would be stocking the Fed Ex guy today! As soon as I got the package I ripped it open to make sure everything was delivered correctly!

For some reason seeing it all laid out was a little overwhelming. I was shaking the entire time opening the package! When I opened it I was not anticipating seeing those gigantic needles in there. Ok they aren’t that big, but it caught me off guard! The goodnews is I won’t have to give myself those shots. Those needles are for the trigger shot and I will be getting those at the doctors office. 🙌🏼

The Follitism Pen is in the top middle of the picture. Those needles are much smaller and easier for me to do! The medicine on the bottom left of the picture is Follitism. It’s crazy to think how much that tiny little bottle of medicine is and to think it could help us get pregnant. I’m am so thankful for modern medicine, but also know that a baby truly is a gift from God. We can try as much as we want, but it’s God who actually makes the decision to give us a baby or not! And seeing that tiny bottle of medicine gives me so much hope that maybe it may finally be our time!

Now all we have to do is sit around and wait until July 27th when I actually start this whole process! I just have to keep telling myself it’s 10 more days I can do this!  If you all could be praying for patience as we await what could be one of the biggest steps in our lives!
Until then I’m going to enjoy each day as they come!  And Winston is super excited about it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


Kate 😊

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