Seriously Fun Baby Making


Yesterday we had my appointment to clear us to start the stimulation shots and start flowing all kinds of wonderful hormones in my body! Yippee!! At the appointment they taught me how to give myself the FSH shot. It seems pretty easy, but we will see if I can actually do it when it’s time.  I think i’m more nervous about spilling the medicine since it’s SO expensive!

 The timeline for the next few weeks will look like this:

  • Our nurse ordered my medicine yesterday so that should be delivered to our house on Friday. I’m basically going to be stalking the UPS guy until he shows up and I sign off for them.
  • July 21st I will take my last birth control pill so I will have my last period for the next 9 months! (Keeping positive)
  • July 27th I will start my FSH or Follistim stimulation shot. I have to do it at the same time every night in my thigh.
  • August 3rd we will go in for an ultrasound and blood work to see how my body is responding to the medicine. Pending those results I will either up my FSH dosage to create more follicles, lower my dosage to create less follicles, or get my trigger shot to make my eggs release and induce my ovulation! Praying it’s the last one.
  • Two weeks after my ovulation we will go in for a blood test to find out if this whole process worked! That will probably be the scariest day of my life.

It’s so surreal to me that it has been a year in the making. Who would have thought that in order for me to get pregnant I would have to put my body through so much!  From birth control, surgery, menopause, back to birth control, trying naturally, back to birth control and now putting a man made hormone in my body to trick it into ovulation. This whole process has been less than the natural baby making experience I expected. But I continue to have hope that God has us here for a reason. No matter what the outcome of this I have complete trust that God is in control. I will do whatever I have to do to be able to have a family! I’m terrified, excited, anxious but most of all READY! These months of trying have taught me a whole new understanding of patience, and boy has that been the biggest challenge. Two more weeks here, 2 more weeks there. It has been the biggest waiting game of my entire life. And I know once we finally get pregnant there will be 9 more months of waiting! But now that we are one step closer I can’t help but day dream about the fact that we could actually be pregnant in the next month! My heart may just explode at the thought of it!

At our appointment yesterday Gannon and I were asking all kinds of questions about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. I think we are going to be walking around with pillows strapped to our bodies in fear that we might do something we aren’t supposed to. But they stressed that the only “lubrication” (yes I just said that word on my blog) that is safe for “sperm” is this lovely thing. Gotta love the “Seriously fun baby-making!” If there wasn’t enough to worry about we will add that one to our list!


Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Cheers to seriously fun baby making 🙂






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