When Life Gives You Lemons…

Monday was hectic, the type of day you stop on your way home from work – grab your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon (Joel Gott) and all you want to do is be lazy (aka watch the bachelorette) and the only worry you have is trying to figure out who Kaitlyn will send home. I walked into my house threw my bags on the floor and sat on my barstool just really feeling sorry for myself, knowing I was in a bad mood. Oh don’t you love all the hormones pulsing through my body right now. Sorry sweet husband I promise it won’t be like this forever. I noticed the mail was sitting on the counter so I go through it and find a card addressed to me. I open it up and was so excited to find out it was from a sweet friend I went to high school with! Does anyone else get super excited about unexpected mail?! The front of the card was the perfect description of how I was feeling in that moment…


I sat and read it, crying of course because thats what girls do! And all those feelings I was having 5 minutes before were gone! I was no longer feeling sorry for myself or the situation I was in. In that card I was reminded that with each obstacle we face we are able to touch people we never realized. It reminded me that we are here for a reason and that God is STILL using us! And being able to reach people from our hardships is all I could of ever wanted when I started our blog. Sometimes I feel like it’s a place for me to vent…and don’t worry those post are never published 🙂 But other times it’s a place that God is able to use our circumstances to touch others.

It’s funny how these days we hardly ever write handwritten letters anymore. We are use to the days of being able to text someone or message them on Facebook and let me know we are praying for them. And trust me those are JUST as meaningful. But there’s something about knowing that person really thought about you and went to the store bought the card and sat down and physically wrote you a letter. It brings me back to the days of middle school and high school when you would spend HOURS writing love notes or pictures to friends. I would spread all my Gel Pens out and spend the entire class perfecting my notes. It’s truly a miracle I ever graduated from College because I basically colored my way through it! And once AIM (please tell me you guys remember sitting there waiting on the internet to dial up) came around and soon after texting, our worlds changed. It makes me wonder if our kids are going to have binders full of notes like we do? My point in sharing this is to show you each storm we face happens for a reason. I constantly have to remind myself which i’m sure you have noticed in my posts. But each time I wonder why me God? And when will my happily ever after come, but what we forget to realize is that in our storm God is using us. And with each storm we are able to reach people we never imagined.

James 1:12 says, “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”

So to my precious friend who send me that letter when I needed it the most, thank you! You have no idea how much I needed it that day! Hope you all have a fabulous day! Had to share this song…another one I love!


Kate 🙂

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