4 Year Anniversary!


This past week Gannon and I had a little “staycation” to celebrate our 4 year anniversary! This was our first year we haven’t actually gone somewhere to celebrate, but with so many uncertainties about where we were going to be baby wise we knew it wouldn’t be smart to have something big planned! Knowing our luck we would be in the middle of IVF and we would have to cancel the trip. This week proved to me that sometimes “staycations” are better than actually traveling somewhere! I wanted to share a couple of the fun things we did during the week in hopes it might help you all plan some fun date nights! 🙂

Monday night we went to Sho Guns which is one of our favorites in Tulsa!


Tuesday we had a fun day shopping and went to the Warren Theater to see a movie! If you get the chance the Director’s Suite is worth the extra money! It’s a fun splurge / date night!


Thankfully this week we spent lots of time in the sun!


 Winston isn’t the biggest fan of the swan!


On Wednesday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday by the pool!


We had dinner at El Quapo’s South! If you’ve never eaten here on Tuesday nights they have $1 taco night and they are delicious! Plus they have a great patio!


Our anniversary morning I woke up to a love note that had some of our “surprises” listed on them! Gannon did such a great job planning everything out!


Our first surprise was brunch at Cafe Seville! If you haven’t ever been there you need to try it! It’s on the corner of 101st and Yale in the same shopping center as The Bistro.


My second surprise was an Hour and Half couples massage! We haven’t been to Spa Lux in a while, but I would say they were by far the best massage i’ve ever had!


My third surprise was a picnic in Woodward Park! Gannon packed all the goodies and totally caught me off guard with this one! It was such a sweet idea!





Lesson learned we wouldn’t recommend getting a massage and directly going to a park after…the combo of sweat and oils were not the greatest feeling ever! But we had so much fun either way and of course took a little photoshoot!


My whole heart is sitting on that blanket! Love him so much!


We made some friends at the park! All the squirrels were so entertaining!



For dinner, Gannon surprised me with reservations at Phryme! They were so sweet and greeted us with Champagne when we got there!



I had to take a picture of the food because it was literally one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time! Note to self if you order a “house salad” for your appetizer I would recommend sharing it! The portion was huge…but it was so delicious!




After dinner we continued on with our tradition and got a drink at the Mayo. The Mayo will always be one of our favorite spots!



The 4th year Anniversary modern gift is an appliance! So we decided it was time to get a new grill! Gannon is still convinced I make those up!


Our last day of our staycation we blew up the air mattress and had a movie/pallet night!


It’s so hard to believe we’ve been married for 4 years! It literally seems like yesterday we were celebrating our wedding and starting our marriage. These past 4 years have been the absolute BEST days of my life! I am so thankful I get to spend forever with my best friend and love of my life.

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