How Great is our God

Last Wednesday I had my HSG test. I think I was actually more nervous about that test than my actual surgery. I worked myself up by hearing so many people’s personal experiences that I was so scared not just about the results, but the actual procedure. I am proud to say it was not as bad as I had anticipated. It only took 7 minutes and it truly isn’t any worse than a pap smear…but lets be honest, what girls like those anyway! During the exam I could not mention anything about trying to get pregnant. I was simply there to see if my “Uterus Septum” was repaired from my surgery in August. The nurses doing the exam asked me about 10 different times in different ways if i’m trying to get pregnant. I totally understand them having to do that for insurance purposes, but really?! They have to ask to see if they need to flag you under “fertility” because if they do then your insurance won’t pay for it. After the HSG the tech literally didn’t say anything to me. And I couldn’t see the screen during the exam so I said, “Did everything look ok?” Trying to get any information I could. All she said was, “Well everything was open.” Nothing more! IT KILLED ME! I frantically called a sweet friend who used to do those exams and had her calm me down and give me reassurance that she was talking about my tubes being open! I am so thankful to have people who I can call who have been through similar situations like us!  After that phone call I was hopeful, but still trying to be realistic that there could potentially be different news from Dr. B.

Fast forward the next 2 days. I literally stocked MyChart online. Doctor’s hate that they put the results on there so fast because we usually have access to the results before they do. Which makes us go crazy and become stalkers calling the office 20 times to make sure they haven’t gotten the official results…not that I would ever do that 🙂 Then by God’s glory Saturday I woke up especially early, since we were having a garage sale, and at 6:45 in the morning I had received and email saying my results were posted on MyChart. I logged into that account faster than lightening and right there were my results. The results said, “THE TUBES ARE PATENT. THERE IS BILATERAL SPILL”.


Of course I had no idea what Patent meant so I rushed over to google shaking so badly I could barely type in the right words and found out…


MY TUBES ARE OPEN!!! And my Septum repair was PERFECT! I ran and jumped on the bed screaming, “MY TUBES ARE OPEN, MY TUBES ARE OPEN!” Probably scaring my  sleeping husband to death! But after so many months of disappointing news it was about time for something positive! Yet my heart still remained a little guarded, I needed to hear the actual words from Dr B.

Yesterday I FINALLY received the call…well I say received I had to call at 3 and remind them that they still had not called me 🙂 Yes, I had officially become the annoying patient! So back to the call…I was told that I can officially GET OFF BIRTH CONTROL and Gannon and I are officially CLEARED TO START TRYING NATURALLY! I can’t believe it! I had just prepared my heart for the worst even though the entire time we were praying for the best. In my mind I just anticipated having to start exploring IVF and that whole next step. And that still might be a possibility in the future, but right now we just get to enjoy each other and as the Dr said, “Play every other day!” So please excuse Gannon and I if we are busy for the next few months 🙂 We just have a precious little baby to make! But ok, in all reality if we don’t get pregnant this first month I will have to go in for a biopsy to make sure I am ovulating every month. Now that my tubes are open and my septum is repaired we still aren’t sure if my PCOS is under control and that I am in fact ovulating. But I have hope that we could have a little baby Brown growing in my belly in the next couple months! I am in complete awe of God and his perfect timing and know that we would not be here without his guidance and plan for our lives. No matter what the outcome, I had such peace knowing that my Heavenly Father was guiding us each step, he still is. A baby is such a precious gift of God and I can’t wait until the day that he FINALLY blesses us with one!

Thank you all for each prayer and all the encouragement during these past months. We feel so blessed to be able to share our story and to be so open about this whole process. If you guys could just keep praying that my body responds well to begin off birth control and that we are able to get pregnant naturally! Gosh what a miracle that would be!

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

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