Beautiful Family Adventure – OKC Weekend

For Christmas my parents surprised us with different family adventures throughout the year. Can we talk about how creative and thoughtful that was?! A couple weekends ago we had our OKC weekend adventure. My parents had 2 surprises planned for the day we drove down there and we had no idea what they were…but my mom let us guess and I am proud to say I actually guessed both of them!

Our first activity was to ” The Escape.” You basically have 1 hour and clues are hidden all over the room and you have to try and figure out the code to the door to get out. We literally had all the right answers just not in the correct order. It was such a fun bonding experience! Tulsa actually got an Escape not to long ago so we may have to go try that one out too 🙂




Our second surprise was the Bricktown Bike Bar and it was so much fun! You can find out all their information on their website at Note to self don’t wear flats when you go on this…I lost my shoe twice! But it was a fun little workout and a fun and different way to explore Bricktown!





My mom got us hotel rooms at the Ambassador hotel and it was in such a fun The hotel was very chic!

Mark is ready for a photo pretty much at any moment so I had to catch this on! It basically looks like a cigar ad! But the boys got a cigar and we relaxed on the roof top before dinner!



Three of the most important men in my life!


For dinner we ate at Kevin Durant’s restaurant! The food and environment were so cool! I would definitely go back!


The next morning we had brunch at Picasso’s cafe! Brunch is one of my favorite meals and that place was super delicious! Here is a picture of us relaxing in our room before we ate!


After Brunch we went to the Thunder/Heat game! My parents got us great seats and it was a blast!





On our way home we had to make a stop at “Pops” for dinner! Mark and Nik were the only ones who had actually been there. Which is crazy considering we all  grew up going on road trips with the family and our youth group. So of course we had to take the traditional picture in front!



Overall the trip was SO much fun! It was nice to be able to relax and create memories as a family! I am so thankful I have such a close bond with them and its nice to just be able to enjoy the “original six” until little kiddo’s are in the picture! Although those little babies are welcome..anytime now! 🙂

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