Master Closet Makeover

My sweet husband knows the way to my heart is through my closet…. am I right girls? Forget the flowers- buy me shoes or a new bag and i’m one happy girl! The only sad thing is my closet has been a mess since we moved into our home…two years ago! I’m almost ashamed it has taken us so long to finally fix it up. It was almost like they forgot to finish the closet when they didn’t add the top shelf. And with the last couple “snow days” we’ve had I thought what better time than to tackle a little project! I’m sure the hubs loves the never ending “honey-do” list.

Here are the before pictures…it felt so small and squished.


And then the top space up there was totally useless unless you wanted to stack box upon box.


Lowes has a whole closet organization section…pretty much my favorite area of the whole store 🙂 We bought these primed MDF boards and some trim pieces. As well as 2 x 4 to help hang the MDF pieces up!


Gannon built the new shelf just like they built the other ones originally.


Haha such a serious face!


Adding the shelf made my closet seem SO much bigger! And it completed the space!



Once we got all the new shelves up it was time to start caulking and paint. Future reference when painting a closet…have a glass of wine on stand by…better yet maybe the whole bottle! It was pretty awful! The next closet I get i’m going to use a paint sprayer!


I also found this cute light from lowes for a whopping $29!! I definitely couldn’t pass it up! The only down side it was MAJOR assembly required! I was sweating more putting this light together than anything else! I’m horrible at taking the time to read the directions, but I was pretty proud of myself when I finished!



The finished product was totally worth it! And it adds a lot more light than the old one.


Finally the after! My shoes are so happy they can proudly be displayed and not hidden in those ugly shoe boxes!






That’s all for today! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!


Kate 🙂

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