Gannon’s Office Reveal

Gannon’s office has been on the top of our to-do list for a while. Since it’s one of the first rooms you see coming into our home I was glad to get the project started! Except we were crazy and decided to start tackling it 5 days before Christmas!

Here is the before picture of the room when we bought the house. It was a little scary…


We’ve had the upper cabinets for a while. Gannon’s grandparents moved about a year ago and didn’t want these cabinets. We were so excited because they worked perfect for the space.


Please excuse the mess, but here is the other angle of the room before…


Gannon’s brother was here for Christmas, thank goodness, so he helped put the upper cabinets in. A few cuts later and they fit perfect in the space!


After shopping around a couple different places we settled on these particular cabinets for the lower section. They were only $100 a piece which is a great price.


We also got these and they were only $63 a piece!




Once we got the cabinets in it was time to start painting and staining!


For the countertop we decided to use the butcher block again. We liked them so much for our kitchen table that we decided to put it in here too! We got it from lumber liquidators. I believe for all the countertops it was about $450. Which is definitely more reasonable than putting in granite or marble. Plus we liked the look of the darker countertop in contrast to the white cabinets. Here Gannon is staining them with Minwax Dark Walnut stain. And then he put a Polyurethane for the top coat.



Once the painting was done it was time to put the carpet back down. Thank goodness my dad has done that before so he came over to help.


Then it came time for my favorite part, which is accessorizing! We got these cute little chairs from At Home for $199 a piece…


I also found this super cool light fixture off amazon. It was only $180 with amazon prime shipping!  81Ouif+HgwL._SL1500_

 A few other random accessories and tada… it’s complete! We are so excited with the way it turned out!


Since Gannon is a pretty tall guy we needed a bigger office chair. We ended up finding this one from Sams!


The actual desk we got a while ago from Brandon’s Auction. If you have never been there you should go one Saturday! It’s so much fun…but be prepared to buy things you never intended!




And the office wouldn’t be complete without proudly displaying our Diploma’s!


We’ve actually had the curtains for a while now. I got them from Tuesday Morning. Gannon initially wanted to replace them with something more simple, but I finally convinced him to let them stay! I’m a sucker for patterns!


I love being able to display pictures from different trips we have been on. These particular ones are from Israel. I ended up finding these frames for a bargain at TJMAXX for $10 a piece! And then the “B” is from and antique store in Claremore!


We found the hardware off eBay which ended up saving us a lot of money. I found them for under $2 a piece!


We got this cute little table from a garage sale for $10 and it’s the perfect addition to the room!




Gannon decided to do some extra lighting in the cabinets! It’s hard to get a clear picture of it. But it looks really cool in person! I love that you can change the colors depending on what mood you want!



2014 was such an incredible year for Gannon and his real estate team. I am so proud of all his hard work and dedication and i’m so glad that he finally has an office that he can be proud of! To throw a little business advertisement out there if anyone is looking to buy or sell a home in the Tulsa area you should contact Gannon Brown with the Brown and Zinn team.  I know i’m biased, but he is definitely the best! 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous day!


Kate  🙂

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