Halfway There

Today I had my third shot done. I can’t believe I am at the halfway mark. God has done a great job keeping me busy and my heart elsewhere. My mom wanted to go with me today just so she can see how the process works. I’m so thankful for all the love and support from my family and friends!


I was about to get my blood drawn to make sure my estrogen levels are decreasing. I don’t think I will ever get use to needles.


Since my last shot I have officially experienced my first hot flash along with night sweats. Let me tell you, those are no joke! Thank goodness for cooler weather. It still amazes me how our body is capable of so many different changes. Thank goodness I only have a few more months left of menopause…at least for a while 🙂

During my office visit we got on the subject about sperm count testing. Dr. B mentioned it at our first appointment and I think it’s been on Gannon’s mind ever since. Of course a man never wants to think he doesn’t have strong swimmers…Am I right?! 🙂 Lucky for Gannon he gets to schedule an appointment to bring in his “sample.” At least they aren’t making him take care of business in the office that might be a little…awkward!


I also learned some other interesting facts about sperm today. Apparently, it takes 2-3 months to create a new sperm cell.  So the sperm released today would actually be created 90 days ago. If they don’t “release” as my nurse said every other day the sperm becomes lethargic and aren’t as efficient. So all the guys can thank my nurse later since I guess it really is “Doctors orders” to make love every other day if you are trying to get pregnant.

My nurse also mentioned that Soy and Whey protein are killing sperm in young men today. There are lots of reasons why we shouldn’t eat soy products, but one of the many is  it mess with a mans testosterone levels. Soy is a “plant estrogen” yes estrogen, which is the hormone responsible for female sexual development. And the more soy protein men put into their body the less testosterone their body can produce. I don’t know about you, but I am going home and throwing out any soy products Gannon could be eating. We don’t need anything else in our odds at this point.

For many, trying to get pregnant can start to consume a marriage. Today my nurse told me something funny about making a baby.  She said the bedroom is made for sleeping and the rest of the house is made for baby making. The nurse was telling me that she has seen so many relationships fail because they are too focused on becoming pregnant. They lose sight of the romance and connection you and your partner used to have. A lot of men end up feeling like they are there to be a sperm donor. While the women are totally fixated on whether she’s ovulating or not. Thank goodness Gannon and I didn’t get to that level, but I can totally understand how you could. For most of our life we have been able to plan what college we go to, who we marry, when we get married, where we live that we think we are these machines that can just plan out our whole life. I know for me when we decided to get off the pill I told Gannon that I thought it was crazy how we can kind of decide when we get to start having babies. Boy was I wrong. It’s such an eye opening moment for me to realize that God is in control and sometimes he lets us think we have a choice in life, but he’s ultimately the decision maker.

Anyway I never thought I would be writing about my uterus, menopause or sperm on a blog 🙂 Hope it’s not too invasive!



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