Life’s Little Treasures

It was a casual Saturday afternoon (which never happens around our house) when Gannon and I were talking about different things we could for the day. I of course had a “honey-do list” of things I would like to do. But since the hubs didn’t have any scheduled appointments for the day “work” was not on the top of his priority list! That’s when Gannon suggested finally taking the plunge to rip the carpet off the stairs and upstairs hallway. We had been nervous since we weren’t sure what condition they would be in. Let’s just say we got REALLY lucky!

Here is the before…Winston is such a little photo crasher!



Winston likes to pitch in and help anywhere he can 🙂



I’m not really sure why anyone would want to cover these beautiful floors up!





My sister in law’s boyfriend stays with us sometimes over the weekends and he was gone for literally 3 hours and came back to this project being completely done. He was like did you all plan this?! Or was it just a sporadic decision! One of the  many reasons being a homeowner is the best!


Here are the after pictures. Not too bad for 3 hours of work! And a project that was completely free! Thank you previous homeowners for leaving us this little treasure!


Eventually, when we add wood floors to the other downstairs rooms we are going to stain them darker, but for now that’s just one less place I have to vacuum!



The wood floors were already in our game room and one of the bathrooms up there. Thank goodness they didn’t cover those up with carpet too!



Well that’s all for now! Tomorrow we are off to Scottsdale to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Kate 🙂


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