Our Engagement Story

I don’t know about you but I love, love. I love hearing stories about love, seeing people in love, sharing my love with others. Love is just an amazing gift we are able to give. 1 Peter 4:8 says, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sin.” Even the bible talks about the importance of love.

When I met Gannon I knew it was love at first sight. He was everything I had never expected and totally different than anyone else I had ever dated. Gannon stole my heart with one glance of him in those William Rast jeans! The man has style! As we sat across from the table, the first night I met him I learned something about him that has carried on even after 3 1/2 years of marriage. Gannon genuinely cares and listens to everything I have to say. So throughout our 2 years of dating Gannon listened to my dreams, hopes, desires and goals. When it came time, in our relationship for the “next step” Gannon knew how it important it was to me to have a memorable engagement.

It was actually around this time 4 years ago. Gannon and I went over to our friend’s house to carve pumpkins. Believe it or not, Gannon had NEVER carved a pumpkin. The Brown’s decided instead of celebrating Halloween they would just make it more of a “family night” with games and movies. So to my surprise, this was going to be Gannon’s first experience. Let me just say that Gannon was raised by not one, but two engineers. So to say he is a perfectionist would be an understatement. And for anyone who knows Gannon, it’s pretty evident that he loves apple products. So without too much surprise he decided to carve an apple symbol out of his pumpkin!

Here are some pictures from that night!


Gez such little baby faces 🙂


Little did I know that Gannon actually already had my ring. For those of you who don’t know, I work for my family. And for about a month or maybe a little longer that ring was sitting in our safe at my office! It was just right under my nose and I had no clue! Sneaky, sneaky 🙂 But this pumpkin carving night ended up being the moment that changed everything. Gannon finally had a plan to propose.

Here’s a picture of Gannon picking out my ring! If you ever need a ring Henry is the man to go to! He can literally make anything you want!


October 29, 2010, Gannon and I headed over to the Mayo 420 building. We were going there to help our friends set up for a Halloween party we were going to be having the next night. It was my first time there so naturally Gannon and I looked around at all the historic features of the building. Our friend, Khang lived on the top floor and he was telling us about the rooftop and how amazing it was and that we had to go check it out. Halfway through walking up the stairs Khang remembered he “forgot” his phone and had to go back to get it. That’s when the butterflies hit. Gannon led me up the stairs and out the door to this amazing deck. It overlooked downtown Tulsa and as if it wasn’t dreamy enough the sun was setting. I thought it was funny that Gannon actually offered to snap a couple pictures of the amazing sunset, but of course, I didn’t turn it down! Here are the pictures we took.



Gannon knew that my dream was to get married at the Mayo hotel and I love the fact that it’s in the background of these pictures!


To my complete surprise, the deck had another area that was on the other side. It was separated by the building itself so it kind of wrapped around. Once it got dark enough Gannon led me to the other side. As soon as we turned the corner I was greeted with hundreds of candles. This is a horrible picture I snapped with my phone but here is what I saw!


That moment when you realize you are about to get engaged is such a surreal feeling. I felt like I was watching this all happen from a distance. Gannon took me over and pointed in a couple directions saying this is where you were born, this is where I was born, this is where we went to school, this is where we live now. And somewhere in between is where we are going to start our lives together. I wish I could remember everything else he said after that, but I was freaking out inside. Then he turned me around and said he had a question he needed to ask me and pushed a button and then suddenly these pumpkins lit up!


He then got down on one knee hit the button again and then like magic this the diamond pumpkin lit up! It was so magical and the most planned out night of my entire life.



After we celebrated, cried, and laughed about it all we started to head back downstairs. Since I work for my family my mom had told me she was “out of town” that day. Which in reality, she was helping setting up for this perfect night.  As soon as we started to head down the stairs I snapped a couple pictures of my gorgeous ring and immediately wanted to call my parents. I even told Gannon you call my dad and I will call my mom and put them on speaker phone so I can tell them at the same time! Gannon insisted that we go down to the room and tell our friends who were waiting on us first since they were  already there.


As I open the door to the room I was greeted by everyone we love!! It was such an incredible surprise. The room was decorated beautifully and we celebrated the night away with champagne and delicious food. Gannon out did himself that night.









Clearly, October will always hold a special place in our heart. Looking back at that day it’s amazing to see where we have come. I love that Gannon choose me to do life with and I am thankful every day to be his wife!

When Gannon and I first started dating we went to a Warren Barfield concert at TCABC. Warren told us about this song he wrote for his wife called, “Love is not a fight.” Gannon and I both decided that night it was going to be “our” song. I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s so beautiful!

If you all have any fun engagement or love stories you want to share please do! I would love to hear them!!


Kate 🙂

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