One down, five more to go…

First shot down, five more to go! This morning I went in for my first Lupron shot and had to fill out this lovely questionnaire asking me about how my mood was today. Hopefully this isn’t a glimpse into the future and how my moods will be…

photo 1-12

photo 2-12

Once I got the paperwork filled out I had to go back and look at some more paperwork about what my symptoms will be like…

photo 4-9

Looks like this will be fun! I think we all need to say a little prayer for Gannon these next 6 months! 🙂

Before I got my shot they made me take a pregnancy test just be sure that I was not pregnant. I haven’t had to take one of those in a while. I actually had a moment the other day when I was up in our medicine cabinet and I saw all the ovulation and pregnancy tests. But I know those moments will come and go throughout this process.

Here’s a picture of me before my shot…it was a thumbs up until I found out how bad it hurt! But no pain, no gain!

photo 3-12

With all this heavily on my heart and constantly on my mind I am trying to not focus on any of the negative side effects.  My whole goal in all of this is to stay positive. I ultimately know God is in control and his will be done. No matter what they may be. We are just trusting this whole process. I have faith that God will heal me and I will be able to one day have children of our own. One day Gannon and I will look back at this post and wonder what in the world we got ourselves into! My mom was so funny the other day she said, “You would never think you would have to go through all this trouble to have children who will one day break your heart, run away from home, and yet be the happiest decision of your life!” I look forward to those days as crazy as it seems! And with Gannon’s history, our payback for his rambunctious past will be one we wont forget!

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a sweet friend of our family who actually recommended me to Dr. B. She had a very similar diagnosis as me and it’s so great to see living proof of our doctors success. She has 3 precious little boys, twins and a little man that quickly followed! I am so grateful to have someone who knows exactly what I am going through and someone that can help me along this process!

And for my music announcement : This past weekend I had the honor of being at a church event called, “Sisters.” They had some video’s of women talking about their struggles in life and how they overcame them. And in the background they played “I Surrender” by Hillsong. Let’s just say once I started crying it was hard to stop! That song is so beautiful and I wanted to share it with you!



Well that’s all for now, hope you all are having a fabulous day!



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