Java Gel Stain

So when we bought our house I knew that I would eventually have to do something to get rid of all the lovely oak cabinets! Well my mother in law told me about a product called Java Gel Stain. She said this product is awesome because you don’t have to sand or anything before you put it on. So I decided to head over to Woodcraft to get some and give it a try! This stuff is super affordable only costing $20 for a Quart. And you would be so surprised how far a Quart can actually go!

I thought I would start in our laundry room just in case we didn’t like it. Here is a before picture of the lovely cabinets.

photo 1-19

photo 2-18

Even though you don’t have to sand the cabinets you want to make sure they are nice and clean before you apply the gel stain. So I got some liquid sander an old rag and wiped down all the cabinets and bases.

photo 5-6

When I painted the laundry room cabinets we decided to take them off the hinges because we thought it would be easier but I eventually learned I liked painting them hanging. That way I could paint both sides and they could be drying at the same time. Especially since they recommend them drying over night for each coat.

photo 4-15

Here is the after picture! This is a super quick and cheap easy fix! Once I saw the difference it made I eventually made my rounds throughout the house!

photo 2-24

photo 1-25

The 10 year plan as Gannon likes to tease me is to eventually totally gut our master bath. But for now I just took down the wallpaper, painted, got some new light fixtures and stained the cabinets.

photo 1-20

photo 3-17

And the after..



We still need to get new faucets for in here…but one step at a time 🙂




I’ve slowly been making my way upstairs. We had a RED… I am talking fire engine red room that I finally painted but since we rarely use that space right now it’s definitely not on top of the priority list! These are our upstairs vanities before!

photo 2-21

photo 1-22

photo 4-21

And then the vanities after..



Our stairs were the final step for me. I knew these were going to be a lot more prep and a little more work. A fun little fact is that up the stairs and down the upstairs hallway we actually have wood floors. One of the many reasons why I love buying older homes is finding fun little surprises like that! Why people put carpet over wood is beyond me. We have been a little nervous to tear the carpet up since we aren’t sure of the condition of the wood. And we’ve kind of been putting it off until we refinish the wood throughout the entire house plus we want to add it to a couple other rooms. But I am thinking Gannon might be coming home to another “woops” day when I “accidentally” tear the carpet up on the stairs…I mean shh don’t let the hubs know my plan!

photo 4-20

photo 3-21

Oh and I had to throw in a picture of the “lovely” old light fixture that we switched out!

photo 1-24

photo 2-23

photo 5-8

photo 4-22

photo 2-29

And please pay no attention to Gannon’s office in the background. That is our next project on the list!

photo 4-22

photo 5-9




Please take note of the ornery little pup, Winston rounding the corner keeping a close eye on me!

photo 2-29

Well that’s all for now! Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe!!


Kate 🙂


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