How to do Venetian Plaster…Guest Bathroom Before & After

So I thought I would surprise Gannon by taking down the final bit of wallpaper in our downstairs guest bathroom during the week of the Parade of Homes. Little did I know the smallest room in the house would be the most difficult!

1990’s called and wanted their decor back! This was the dreaded before picture! I mean can we talk about all the brass fixtures?!

photo 1-8

photo 2-8

photo 3-6

As soon as Gannon got home from the parade and found me in here ready to tear the whole sheetrock out he decided to do some research on what other options we had to “fix” this! Thank goodness for the internet!

photo 1-9

photo 2-9

photo 3-7

photo 4-7

After much research we decided to try out Venetian Plaster. We loved the look of it and it definitely beat the other option which was replacing the Sheetrock! So headed over to Lowes and looked at our options!

We decided on the Onyx Venetian plaster color! We loved the rich look to the dark grey color! And we knew it would be the perfect compliment to the lighter vanity we wanted. The great thing about this product is that it’s very affordable! It only cost $36.98 a gallon! And we only ended up needing a gallon and half!

Valspar Signature Colors 120-fl oz Interior Flat Tintable Latex-Base Paint

Before we could get started on the plaster Gannon had to put a sealer and primer over the remaining wallpaper. He also had to fill any holes and then sand the whole thing down. It’s a long process but if it isn’t done right then the final project wouldn’t look right!

photo 1-10

photo 2-10

Once the walls were prepped they were ready to start the process of the plaster! Gannon bought these spatulas from Lowes for just under $10. You want to be sure you use the correct products in order to achieve the right look!

Purdy Plaster Spatula

photo 4-8

You just do random sweeps with the spatulas sweeping it on and then getting the excess off!Β  It takes FOREVER! But it really looks amazing!

photo 5-1

photo 1-11

photo 2-11

Gannon only had to do 2 coats of the plaster.

photo 3-9

Once the 2 coats of plaster dry the next step is to sand it. This is what gives the plaster the 3 dimensional look. Gannon sanded first with a 400 grit sander followed by a 600 grit. You can buy these at Lowes for super cheap! I believe they are under $4 for a 5 pack! To finish off the sanding you can polish it by rubbing the steel spatula over it! This really gets it so shine! Here is a picture of one of the sanders we used!

3M 5-Pack 400-Grit 3-5/87-in W x 9-in L Wet or Dry Sandpaper

The last step of the plaster is the Venetian Plaster Protective Finish.Β  This is what we used and we got it at Lowes!

This is put on the same way as you do the plaster. It’s very tedious but is totally necessary otherwise the plaster could easily scratch.

photo 2-12

photo 1-12

Once this dries you are ready to put in the final details! Definitely my favorite part! It’s so fun getting to put it all back together!

photo 3-10

We decided to get a new toilet and vanity. Sams Club had by far the best deal on toilets so we decided to get this one! And for around $90 you can’t beat the price!

For our vanity we decided on this one from Lowes! It was originally $420 but I found out if you “order” it online you can get 10% off and then you can still pick up the item in store that day! So it saved us a little bit of money!

allen + roth Delancy White Undermount Bathroom Single Sink Vanity with Natural Marble Top (Common: 31-in x 21-in; Actual: 31-in x 21.75-in)

We finished off the bathroom by painting a fresh coat of paint the ceiling, a new towel holder, faucet, toilet paper holder, mirror, base boards / crown molding, a couple accessories, and light fixture!

All said and done we probably spent around $900-$1000 but I believe it was worth every penny!

Here are a couple pictures of the final project! We are pretty happy with the way it turned out!

photo 1-14

photo 4-12

I’m searching for the perfect piece above the toilet but I am sure it will take a while!

photo 3-12

photo 5-3

photo 2-13

photo 1-13

Well that’s all for now! I think i’m going to let my poor husband rest for a while… Well that is unless I decide to start a project I cant finish on my own! πŸ™‚ Hope you all have a blessed weekend and stay safe!



Kate πŸ™‚

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