A place we call home…

Gannon and I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but to be honest I was horrified trying to come up with a name! Lately, I have had a ridiculous time making decisions and coming up with something as important as the name was haunting me!  So after much consideration I came up with Unending Possibilities. I chose this title because I married a dreamer. Gannon is probably one of the most creative people I have ever met and is constantly challenging me to go out of my comfort zone. He really makes life so much fun and I am thankful I get to grow old with him! Recently, I have had several people ask me all kinds of questions about how we do certain “DIY” projects around our house so my goal is to help explain a lot of that in here! I am not a writer and I think our life is probably anything but extortionary, but I thought why not start a blog?! So here goes nothing!

To start I would like to introduce our “Dream Home.” Image

When Gannon and I found this house we immediately fell in love. It was such an overwhelming feeling walking into a house and being able to picture raising a family there. We bought our first house before we got married and basically did a total renovation on it. But after the honeymoon when I started to move my stuff in we soon realized how quickly we were going to out grow it! Gannon always teases me and says I have a lot of things, but a girl has to have her options, especially with clothing 🙂 So back to the new house. Gannon and I immediately saw the potential in this house. It was the perfect location ( in the same square mile as my in-loves and grandparents) and for Gannon’s sake it was in “his school district.” It also had a lot of room for us to grow into it. Which was something we were desperately wanting. So with the grace of God and much prayer we put an offer on this house and it got ACCEPTED!! Throughout the last 7 months, we have already started to make it our own. I seriously think one of the best things about being a homeowner is the spur of the moment decision to tear down wallpaper, tile the fireplace, or paint the kitchen. So welcome to our place we call home!

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